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Baby Names

20 Horrible Names Not To Name The Baby In 2018

When searching for the perfect name for your new baby, it is essential to do your research. Meanings, trends, and simple overuse have been responsible for making what sound like a decent name go from good to horribly bad.


15 Of The Most Oddly Shaped Baby Bumps

When it comes to baby bumps, there are big,  small,  high,  low, loose, tight, and the downright funky.  “Women come in all different shapes and sizes, and carry differently depending on a number of f...

Baby Names

20 Rare Baby Names Bursting Onto The Scene

Parents strive to be original when picking a name for their child. And although the name doesn’t have to be something as obscure as Rocket Zot (actor Sam Worthington’s son),  Americans do look for nam...


14 Beauty Products That Hurt Moms Bad

Since the beginning of time women have relied on beauty treatments and procedures to look their best. Whether it be an inexpensive lipstick or costly surgery,  we readily snap up the latest product or...