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Baby Names

10 Baby Names With Pretty Spellings

Are baby names important? Of course, they are. Mom and dad usually want to choose something that suits their baby's personality and appearance. And the name can't (or shouldn't) be too off the wall. Think about the embarrassment factor down the line.

Baby Names

10 Pretty Girls' Names That End In "Y"

A name is a very important thing. It sort of defines and sets expectations for a baby. So, choosing a name is an important job for parents everywhere. You choose a name because you like the sound of i...

Baby Names

Gender Neutral Names For Brunette Babies

Choosing a baby name can be a challenge. First and foremost, you've got to like the sound of it. In an ideal world, it should encapsulate something of the character and personality of your little bund...

Baby Names

10 Retro Baby Names That Still Work Today

Retro names are all the rage. And they've got the Royal seal of approval. Why is retro the way to go?  Well, old-fashioned names remind people of what they see as a simpler way of life. Retro evokes t...

Baby Names

10 Baby Names For Fans of Love Actually

Love Actually was a big hit back in 2003. Since then, it has become an iconic Christmas movie, complete with its distinctive interlocking and overlapping stories depicting all kinds of love. Depending...