10 Adorable Parenting Moments From the Cast of Avengers

The Avengers universe is a magical movie franchise that is able to capture how friendships last in intense surroundings like saving the world from bad guys over and over again. The main cast of the Avengers has become not only household names, but also icons now in the superhero business.

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Though the actors only play superheroes in film many of them are proud parents of little ones. So to celebrate everything the Avengers movies have done, we have found ten adorable pictures of the cast being parents. So keep reading to see what your favorite superhero looks like when they are with their little ones.

10 Walking To School

In this picture, we see Hulk's, who is portrayed by Mark Ruffalo, softer side. Here he is walking the streets of his city with his daughter, Bella, as he is on his way to take her to school. With coffee in one hand, he holds his daughter's hand with the other.

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Ruffalo proves that he is strong outside of the Hulk form by carrying his daughter's pink backpack as they head to school. We love seeing Ruffalo spending time with his daughter because his schedule must have been crazy due to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

9 When Your Son Prefers A Different Superhero Then You

There is nothing more an actor can do to show their love for their children than letting them wear a superhero shirt that does not feature the character they play. As seen here with Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr., and his son Exton.

The only problem with this picture is Exton is wearing a Spider-man shirt! Though Spider-man is definitely an ally to Iron Man, we still can’t believe that Downey let his son out in that shirt. But we are excited to see that Downey’s family loves the Marvel universe as much as we do.

8 Family Beach Day

If the God of Lightning feels like a vacation, it is off to the beach. Thor's actor, Chris Hemsworth, is enjoying his day off from filming by spending time with his beautiful family at the beach. He is accompanied by his beautiful wife, actress Elsa Pataky, and their three adorable kids, Tristan, India, and Sasha. 

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Hemsworth is making sure to get the most out of his family day by bringing toys for his little ones to play with and a surfboard for him so he can hit the waves.

7 Mother/Daughter Outing

When the Black Widow actress was with her now ex-husband, businessman Romain Dauriac, they had a beautiful little girl, Rose, in 2014. In this entry, Scarlett Johansson and Rose are seen walking the streets of their hometown.

Rose is wearing an adorable floral dress, that perfectly fits her name, as she walks right behind her Mom. Johansson is leading the way as they walk past the paparazzi. Along with her purse, Johansson also seems to be carrying a diaper bag. We love seeing Johansson with her daughter on her days off from filming.

6 I Got You

Hawkeye does not only have an amazing sight when it comes to hitting his targets, but he also has great sight when it comes to what is truly important. Jeremy Renner is seen here hugging his daughter, Ava.

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This sweet moment in the park with his daughter perfectly shows us his tight bond with his family. Clearly, Ava is excited to be spending time with her dad too, as she wraps her arms around his neck to hug him back. The best part of this picture though is the little stuffed animal Ava is holding while hugging her Dad.

5 A Family Photo

It’s easy to say that Robert Downey Jr. loves his family. In this photo, released for a magazine shoot, Downey is with his beautiful wife, film producer Susan Levin, and their two children, Avri and Exton. The kids seem not to mind taking photos for Dad's work because Avri is having fun on their pouch blowing bubbles; in the meantime, Exton, dressed in an Iron Man costume, is playing with his toys.

This is a beautiful family shot that Downey may gaze upon fondly as his children slowly age. Also, finally, Exton is showing some Iron Man love!

4 Out On The Town

In this picture, we have not one but two Avengers stars. Seen with Mark Ruffalo is his baby girl, Odette, and this duo is with Dr. Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch. This picture has the two Avengers star walking the cold city as Mark holds onto Odette.

Odette is bundled up too for this chilly trip out as she is in her light pink winter-jacket with her hood up. We love seeing Ruffalo holding his daughter and the giant smile that is on his face! It’s easy to tell that he is happy to be a dad in this photo.

3 Ice Cream Treat

Some of the greatest memories you can make with your kids is getting them a sweet treat on a hot day. The Hawkeye star, Jeremy Renner, is doing exactly that in this photo of him and his daughter, Ava.

Renner, who is squatting down to be eye level with Ava, is staring off into the distance to see what his daughter is looking out to see. But we do know that whatever they are looking at is not that exciting because Ava is still eating her ice cream as she sits in her stroller.

2 Little Kisses

Being a highly successful actress and being a Mom to daughter, Rose, is something that Scarlett Johansson makes look easy. This Black Widow star and her daughter are in the streets of the big city as they spend the day together.

Johansson, who is holding Rose, is seen in the first photo giving her daughter a little kiss on her head, to show how much she loves her. Johansson generally keeps her children out of the public eye, so this is a rare photo of the two.

1 Just A Big Kid

Even though Chris Hemsworth can have a demanding job as an actor, he always makes sure to spend time with the people he cares about. In this photo, we see Hemsworth with two of his kids having fun at the park.

However, Hemsworth couldn’t just sit back and let his kids have all the fun, he had to join in too. Hemsworth, who is over six feet tall, is on one of the parks toys that the kids can sit on and bounce. But based on the expression Hemsworth’s has, he is loving every second with his kids.

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