10 Awesome Baby Names Inspired By Rock Icons

Parents who want to give their baby a name that stands out from the rest might want to look to into our musical past for inspiration. This list is filled with monikers that were inspired by rock icons. From artsy folk singers to punk rockers, these musicians changed the face of music.

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It would be an amazing tribute to these artists to bestow their name to your little one. Whether you love country music or have a thing for grunge, there are plenty of options out there. Please enjoy this list of 10 awesome baby names inspired by rock icons.

10 Bowie


David Bowie was one of the most iconic artists of our time so why not name your little one after him? Bowie found fame in the 1960s and would be a mod option for the hipster crowd. This one gets extra points because it’s totally gender neutral. A little girl named Bowie would have some serious moxy.

Bowie is a name of Scottish origin meaning "blond". It ranked #982 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and is often added to lists like Attitude Names for Boys. It’s a distinctive choice and it's worth grabbing before someone else does.

9 Gwen

Gwen Stefani may be “just a girl” but her contribution to women in the music industry has been undeniable. She paved the way for many of our favorite female musicians and we love her for it. Gwen would be a fun option for parents looking for musical inspiration for their daughter.

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Gwen is a girl's name of Welsh origin meaning "white circle." It ranked #907 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Girls. This one is a variant of Gwendolyn that’s way sassier, way more unusual, and totally rockin’.

8 Cobain


Parents who have a thing for grunge will be all about the name Cobain for their son. It would be an amazing tribute to Nirvana’s late lead singer, Kurt Cobain. This guy had a passion for music and single-handedly started the grunge movement in the '90s.

Cobain is of Scottish from Norse origin and is often added to Nameberry’s lists like Musician Baby Names. We think this one just sounds cool and any kid given this name will stand out in a crowd since it’s not one that you every day. Be sure to put dibs on this one.

7 Presley


Rockabilly parents will fall in love with the name Presley for their daughter. It’s a feminine choice for Elvis fans that’s just too cute to pass up. This one entered the charts in the 1900s and saw a steady rise until it peaked in popularity in 2017. It’s just waiting for you to snatch it up.

Presley is a girl's name of English origin meaning "priest's meadow". It ranked #71 on Names.org Modern Girl Names list. It would work for a little boy too but there’s just something undeniably saucy about a girl named Presley.

6 Lennon


Lennon has an obvious connection to the band, The Beatles and gives a wink to the late John Lennon. This one has a retro vibe to it and would be a solid pick for parents looking to give their son an iconic name. We can’t help but think of peace when hearing it and any little guy would be lucky to be named Lennon.

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Lennon is a boy's name of Irish origin meaning "small cloak or cape". It ranked #675 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and is often added to lists like British Boy Names. This masculine name hasn’t gained much traction so your son will be ahead of the trends.

5 Joni


Your little girl will have serious flower power if you name her after folk singer, Joni Mitchell. This one is short and sweet as a two syllable name. This moniker just exudes confidence and has a timeless feel to it. Joni is often added to Nameberry’s lists like Musician Baby Names.

This one found a place on the charts in the 1930s and saw a huge spike in the 1960s. We think it’s poised to rebound soon so you’d be smart to claim it as your own. It’s rare to see a girl with this name so Joni will steal the stage.

4 Cash


Cash would be a fantastic name option for parents who enjoy country music. Of course, we’re talking about naming your kid after the man in black himself, Johnny Cash. Your little guy will rule the school if you give him this moniker, for sure. It just has that “wow factor."

Cash a boy's name of English, Latin origin meaning "hollow." Cash is ranked #276 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Cowboy Baby Names. A great pick for moms and dads who want a masculine and uncommon name that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

3 Stevie


Stevie Nicks is best known for her mystical stage presence and distinctive voice. She was a pioneer for women in rock and we think that naming your daughter Stevie would be a great way to pay tribute to the Fleetwood Mac singer. Any little girl given this name will lead a magical life.

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Stevie is ranked #665 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and is often added to lists like Cool Cowgirl Names. This one could also be a cute nickname for the more formal moniker, Stephanie. Mysterious, cool, and poetic, Stevie is a unique option so be sure to add it to your list.

2 Hendrix


Hendrix would be an awesome name for a little boy. Why not name your son after the most influential electric guitarist in the history of rock and roll? Jimi Hendrix is an icon, for sure. This one hits several trends at once, as it’s a hip name and has an “x” ending. You really can’t deny that this moniker rocks!

Hendrix is ranked #322 on Nameberry's popularity charts and is often added to lists like Middle Names for Boys. It’s still pretty rare to meet a kid named Hendrix but it’s steadily rising on the charts. It’s unique without being too weird.

1 Dylan


Dylan is usually a name for boys but we think that it would be a spunky name for a little girl. It also brings to mind images of Bob Dylan, who is another rock icon that changed the face of music. His folk-rock sounds have been around for six decades so this name has some serious staying power.

Dylan is a name of Welsh origin meaning "son of the sea." Dylan is ranked #31 on Nameberry’s popularity charts and is often added to lists like Mythology Boy Names. Although, we love that this moniker could be totally gender neutral.

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