These Awesome Parenting Podcasts Are A Must For Every Mom And Dad

Five years ago I discovered the wonderful world of podcasts when a coworker introduced me to Serial. I’ve been hooked ever since and almost always have a recommendation up my sleeve for the uninitiated. Podcasts have come in especially handy since I’ve become a mom! There’s a podcast for literally any interest. I’ve found storytime podcasts to entertain my toddlers, news-centric pods to keep up on current events, true crime for my own personal preference, and more! Podcasts can be a way to learn more about the world, escape into excellent fiction, or find a voice of support in your darkest moments. These are our favorite parenting podcasts!

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In case you haven't yet, give it a listen. You'll get hooked on podcasts, too!

The Longest Shortest Time

Taking it back to my early days in podcasts, The Longest Shortest Time is hosted by Hillary Frank. Something about her voice makes me feel like we know each other, or maybe it’s her ultra-relatable struggles with the years of early parenthood. In addition to the podcast itself, Frank has built a diverse community of parents who support one another without judgment. From advice about pumping at work to heartbreaking stories of stillbirth, The Longest Shortest Time celebrates early parenthood in all its guts and glory. The best part? Frank releases each episode at 2:00 a.m. for those parents up during the night with a little one.

Little Sprigs - New Age Spiritualism For Preschoolers

Little Sprigs touts itself as the “path to peace with your preschooler”. Based on the practice of mindful parenting, Little Sprigs might be a bit New Age-y for some. Give it a listen with an open mind and you might be surprised! Who couldn’t use a little more zen in their parenting style?

Mom & Dad Are Fighting

This entertaining podcast is produced by Slate and covers a huge range of topics. Some are driven by kids themselves - like the teen who asked for advice on speaking to her mom about her anxiety. Others address the difficulties of modern parenting like the gendered division of labor. Rebecca Lavoie, Carvell Wallace, and Gabriel Roth. Heads up: topics tend to veer into the political realm. After all, Slate definitely has its own political perspective.

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The Boob Group

Interested in or actively breastfeeding? This is the podcast for you! With advice from certified lactation consultants, funny stories about toddler gymnurstics, and the best pumps on the market, The Boob Group has it all!

One Bad Mother

Hosted by two comics, One Bad Mother is sure to make you split your sides laughing! Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn are both mothers themselves - but they won’t lie and say it’s an easy gig. Crack up at their relatable failures, but don’t be surprised if you get a little choked up when they share the beauty of raising little humans. Bonus: Buying their merchandise supports the show AND you get to wear stuff that says, “One Bad Mother” on it!

Sesame Street Podcast

You guessed it! The Sesame Street Podcast is exactly what it sounds like. With voices so familiar the whole family will feel at home, the Sesame Street pod teaches important life lessons. Best of all, the muppets encourage your little to make even the most average day fun! No, this isn’t a podcast about parenting - but I promise you’ll be glad you have it in your playlist on those never-ending car rides!

From awesome parenting advice to hilarious toddler antics, parenting podcasts have a lot to offer! Moms and dads are bound to find a voice that resonates for them on popular podcast apps like Stitcher or Pocketcast. What's your favorite podcast? Tell me more on Twitter @pi3sugarpi3.

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