Awesome Tips for a Better Hospital Stay

Nobody thinks about what they’re packing the second their water breaks. That doesn’t mean that you should figure out what you need through trial and error. Check out this thorough list of items you need for a better hospital stay.

7 Prepare Questions for the Hospital Staff

Giving birth is a complicated, nuanced procedure. If you have a history of medical complications or concerns about your future baby, it's best to inquire about them during your stay. Answers from a medical professional will help you care for your little one when you arrive home. It can also allow doctors to investigate any issues before you leave the hospital.

Allow yourself to think long and hard, and then write questions down. Small concerns may become bigger down the line, so don’t leave out details.

6 Remember to Pack the Basics

You’ll be spending a few days in the hospital. Clothes, pajamas, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and body wash are all must-haves for repeated overnight stays. Nurses can help you clean your body, so do not feel embarrassed about asking.

If you are taking medicine orally, you may be left with stinky breath. You may not want to get up to brush your teeth every time you feel kind of icky. Instead, munch on mint chocolate or candy. Are they good for your teeth? Not really, but that’s why you have toothpaste and a toothbrush. It doesn’t hurt to at least freshen your breath until you get the energy to freshen your body. 

5 Bring an Activity

For the long nights you’ll be spending alone, sometimes a television set with two channels just won’t cut it. Bring a book, crafts, some art supplies or a magazine to pass the time between checkups and visits.

Electronic devices that require Wi-Fi are generally discouraged from most hospitals, due to the fact that they might interfere with some of the medical equipment. Still, it doesn’t hurt to ask about their policies on Wi-Fi dependent devices. In some cases, there are special rooms or lounges where Wi-Fi can be used.

4 Pack Comfort Items

Hospital beds, sheets, and pillows aren’t the most comfortable. You may find yourself tossing and turning in your bed as you try to adapt to an unfamiliar environment. To alleviate this burden, bring items from home, such as quilts, pillows, blankets, and cover sheets. Familiar linen will give you a greater sense of relaxation during your stay, and make you feel more comfortable in your new surroundings. Recovering from childbirth is a top priority so you ought to be as comfy as you can be.

Comfort items are not just blankets and quilts. You can also decorate your space with framed pictures, and mementos. The purpose here is to relax in your home away from home. Perhaps it will prep your baby for the sweet feeling of home.

3 Bring Snacks from Home

If you’ve visited someone in the hospital, you may be familiar with hospital food. Some describe hospital food as a type of slop that you would eat in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The oatmeal-textured, ivory-colored substance is supposed to be nutritious, but relying on hospital food could be a dreary condition of your stay. It’s best to plan your snacks beforehand.

You will be unable to bring items that require refrigeration, so pack dry goods, such as granola bars, crackers, pretzels, or trail mix. Keep candy with you during your stay to satiate cravings between meals. And if relatives are feeling particularly generous, perhaps they could bring you a home-cooked meal.

2 Stay In Contact With Friends

With such a big change in your life, you may think your friends will be clawing to stay in contact with you. The thing is, once your hospital rush is over and everyone is positive the danger has passed, your pals will return to their daily lives. The demands of real life will slink back after a day of ogling your newborn. If you haven’t been discharged from the hospital, what do you do?

Pack your cell phone so you can call and text friends and family. Let them know what’s going on with the baby, and ask them what they’re up to. Don’t fear that you’ll be too clingy calling up friends while you’re in the hospital, but there is truly no shame in it. Friends and relatives will understand this is a tender time for you. Unconditional, positive support can help facilitate physical recovery, so be unafraid.

1 Try to Relax

Future mothers will have a better hospital stay is they remain calm. This is easier said than done, of course. Rest assured that doctors and nurses know that new moms are particularly vulnerable.

Concerns are handled with the utmost respect. If you have issues with a doctor (i.e. you don’t consent to a non-life saving procedure), then it’s okay to voice your concern. Otherwise, trust the professionals with how they are handling situations. 

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