10 Awkward Mommy Moments To Expect When You Are Pregnant (& How To Plan For Them)

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Pregnancy is an experience in and of itself. No-one leaves pregnancy unchanged. This is the time in a woman’s life where she learns to deal with unpredictability and learns to be flexible. This must all happen to prepare her for motherhood. It’s also a time when the whole world might feel a little off-kilter. When you are pregnant, even your own body feels like it is a stranger. You become aware of so much, and it is an emotional rollercoaster.

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Still, it is worth it, and there are ways you can plan for those awkward pregnant mommy moments. Here are 10 ways expecting moms can learn to thrive during pregnancy by planning for the anticipated awkward moments:

10 Frequent bathroom breaks

No-one really tells you just how often you will need the bathroom once you are pregnant. Expecting this will help you to plan for a bathroom to be nearby - wherever you go. Pregnant women should sit near the entrance when seated in public meetings, such as church or community meetings.

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Also, make sure the restaurant you visit has a good bathroom. As the pregnancy progresses, you will get over yourself and the embarrassment of the whole thing, so be kind to yourself. As they say, when a lady's got to go, she's got to go!

9 Unsightly blemishes

It is true that pregnancy leaves your skin glowing. However, due to the changes in your hormones and stresses on your body associated with pregnancy, you might find yourself feeling like a bit of a teenager with blemishes here and there.

This will bring you right back to your teenage years when developing a pimple or zit was the worst possible thing that could ever have happened to you. Fortunately, cosmetics have transformed since your teens, and many blemish sticks are suitable for pregnant women. Just ask the lady at the cosmetics counter, and she will help you to plan for days when you wake up feeling less than beautiful.

8 Clothes that don’t quite fit properly

When you're pregnant, you might feel awkward in some of your outfits. The answer to this lies in clever accessorizing.

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Plan your wardrobe with all the right accessories like scarves and relatively see-through chiffon tops to put over summer dresses or outfits, which will flatter your whole new pregnant-and-still-beautiful image.

7 Forgetfulness

A pregnant mom’s brain might not remember with as much efficiency as someone who isn’t pregnant. When someone asks you what you are doing on the weekend, and you pause for a moment to remember, or when you don’t seem to be able to get your ducks in a row – or anything in a row, for that matter – then you will need the services of a good diary.

Keep your diary in your bag, not just to plan the week but to plan for those moments when brain fog sets in, and your pregnant mommy brain makes you feel emotional and uncertain as to what to do next.

6 ‘Pregnant mommy’ nose

When you are pregnant, your nose might become runnier than usual (along with the saliva in your mouth, which suddenly seems in excess – just like your weight and emotions). For this, you will need to plan by keeping lots of tissues on you at all times.

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Tissues are also handy for other moments, such as your frequent bathroom breaks. They can also help mop teary eyes during sad movies or moments which move you while you are feeling sensitive and emotional due to pregnancy hormones.

5 Heightened emotions

How do you then deal with all the emotions in which pregnancy stirs up and handle the sudden sensitivity to everything which you are experiencing? Music might seem too loud and books hard to read because of the inability to focus as well as before.

Why not then buy some magazines, as these have bite-sized blocks of reading available. Also, have a book, and when you feel out of control, cut out pictures from a magazine which chronicle your journey, or write in the book, diary-style. One day, you can give your chronicled account of a beautiful, sensitive – and pregnant – woman to your child.

4 Not being able to reach something

Picking up something which has fallen on the ground is easy when you aren't pregnant. However, for a pregnant woman, it may seem like Mission Impossible.

To cope with such a situation, bend your knees to get something from off the ground. As you get heavier, you might find it difficult to do even this. In which instance, you will need to ask for assistance or use something to lift the object up from off the ground.

3 Circular thoughts

Pregnant women might find themselves thinking in circles. This means, they might ask the same things to themselves over and over again or find themselves rehashing what might even be insignificant events. This becomes awkward when you find yourself imposing these circular thoughts onto others, and causing frustration or despair in others.

To plan for these, have a space where you can go when you feel out of control, where you have some of your favorite things - a favorite book, or snack, or scented candle, or blanket and pillow. Relax and tell yourself that if it is still significant in an hour, then you will raise it again, but otherwise put it aside for that hour as you enjoy some 'me time.'

2 Sudden faintness or weakness

Your body is doing a lot of work while you are pregnant. There's also a lot happening with your hormones as this little person grows inside of you.

This might mean that you could suddenly feel faintness or exhaustion as you go about your daily tasks, or even in public. Planning for this means having a snack handy, just in case.

1 Not being able to get comfortable - anywhere

Pregnant women experience the environment differently. At times, this means that they can't handle certain scents, or feel sensitive and repelled even by another's touch. It also means something simple, like sitting for a period of time, can seem a mission.

For women who have to work, this could be a challenge. To plan for this a pregnant mommy should have a special cushion in her car or carry something soft in her handbag to place on extra hard seats.

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