Ayesha Curry Claps Back At A Mom-Shaming Comment About Her Daughter's Hair

Attention mommy-shamers: we see you. And we aren't afraid of you.

Most parents have at one time or another had to endure unsolicited comments from others about their parenting styles. From food and clothing choices to behaviour and discipline, it seems like nothing is off the table when it comes to parenting criticism. Celebrities in particular are especially vulnerable - being in the spotlight and being active on social media seem to act as invitations to let anyone and everyone with an internet connection weigh in on the personal lives of some of our biggest athletes and stars.

From Paola Mayfield to Ayesha Curry most recently, many celebrity moms aren't afraid to bite back when called out by strangers who feel the need to comment on their children or parenting decisions on social media. While some celeb mamas choose to brush them off, others can't resist the urge to put those trolling mommy shamers in their place.

Curry - TV celebrity, author, cook, and wife of NBA star Steph Curry (the couple were married in 2011 and have three children together - Riley, 6, Ryan, 3, and Canon, 5 months) - made headlines earlier this week when she posted a cute video on Instagram featuring her eldest daughter Riley and herself re-enacting a silly commercial.

It was met with an overwhelming positive response from fans, who one-by-one lined up to show their support for the adorable mother-daughter moment.

"So cute mommy and daughter moment, she is getting so big beautiful like her mommy, but looks just like her daddy," said one user.

"You do you girl! I love your family and feel so blessed that you allow your fans to be a small part of it," said another.


But not everybody had words of encouragement for the pair. Instead of sharing something positive, one user took it upon themselves to criticize little Riley's hair.

"Lawwd have mercy, whyyy don't you know how to brush them girls' hair??? Drives me nuts!!! Still a love you, but [expletive] Ayesha."

Similar to the Beyhive, fans were quick to jump on the defensive and showed the critic that they had Curry's back. But Curry had the best response of all.

"I don't make moments happen for Instagram," she wrote back, directly to her critic. "Moments happen and I sometimes share. I'm not going to doll my children up for perception or anyone's approval on here. If that's what you want to see then this is not the page for you. Real life over here."

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