Nature Gave Babies Chubby Cheeks For This Very Important Reason

Chubby baby cheeks are one of life's greatest joys. But besides being adorable, they actually have a critical function.

A baby's cheeks play a significant role when it comes to breastfeeding. According to Romper, chubby cheeks help to stabilize a baby's tongue when they are eating. You may or may not have ever noticed, but a baby's tongue is generally bigger than the rest of the baby's mouth. Well, the bigger tongue and the cushion on either side of it thanks to those fat cheeks, keeps the tongue in place while the baby is breastfeeding. Plus, the suction of the drinking keeps the cheeks fuller.

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Now that is a pretty good reason for chubby cheeks, but it is not the only one. A study conducted at Oxford revealed the adorable apple cheeks trigger a cuteness factor in the baby. This obviously isn't new to us, everyone knows babies with a chunky face are too cute for words.

However, it is also the way a baby initially triggers an adult response or reaction. Part of being cute sets off a beloved feeling and emotion that the baby can immediately sense, in a good way. It is the care-giving response adults give off that makes the baby feel safe, secure and loved.

Let's be honest, a baby who cries non-stop or is colicky can be a little tough for any parent to deal with. When you are in the throes of it, you can easily lose your mind. However, when the crying stops, even for a second and the baby is sleeping or smiling, the cute chubby cheeks bring you back to reality. It is as though the cuteness overload makes you forget every awful minute you just went through. Think about it. You don't feel that way when an adult cries or throws a fit for hours. You are still mad, but when a chubby cheek baby does it, one look at those cute cheeks and chubby little face and life is good.

Did you know that there were reasons why babies have chubby cheeks? Have you been a victim of the post-crying cuteness? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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