Babies Left At Fire Station Thanks To 'Safe Haven' Law

A mother left her newborn twins at the fire station, because of the 'Safe Haven" law.


The "Safe Haven" law was created in order to allow a safe place for mothers to drop off their babies without being prosecuted. Although almost all 50 states have established this law, mothers are still leaving their children in unsafe environments.  We hear frequently of mothers leaving their newborn babies in garbage cans, suitcases, bathroom stalls and other horrible situations. We hope we get to the point where mothers are not ashamed, or made to feel guilty to drop off their children at the fire station.

A mother walked into her nearby fire station in San Bernadino County, California. She walked up to one of the firefighters and handed her sweet babies to one of the firefighters. She said that she would like to leave her newborn twins with the firefighters and she wanted to be protected under the safe haven law.

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Handing over her twins must have be so extremely difficult. It must have been a very tough decision and one that she probably agonized over. She knew that she was not going to be able to take care of her children the way that they needed.

VIA Colorado Safe Haven for Newborns

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According to the "Safe Haven" law, mothers are able to drop off their healthy babies at any (participating) fire station. The only requirements to be able to surrender your baby is that the child(ren) have to be in good health and they cannot be older than 72 hours old. If a child appears to be in poor health, or if they are older than 72 hours old then the mom can be prosecuted for child abuse, or neglect.

It is very important to not shame women who choose to surrender their newborns to their fire station, because there are many parents who are not prepared to become a parent. In our society we sometimes are so quick to shame struggling mothers. As a result, mothers are "sticking it out" and that is never good. We should encourage women to surrender their children if they do not have the means to raise them. There are way too many situations where children are being abused and neglected, because parents are just not suited to be parents. Wouldn't we rather mothers surrender their children as opposed to keeping their children and not wanting them?

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