New Parents Are Now Naming Their Babies After Healthy Snacks

Some of the cutest baby names can easily get you to 'aww', and some of the weirdest can definitely elicit an eye roll or two. But according to Baby Center, some of this year's trendiest baby names can also get you to ... drool?

That's right, some of 2018's fastest-rising baby names revolve around, you guessed it - food! And not just any food. With wellness, fitness and healthy diets being at the forefront of many new parents' lifestyle choices, it's no wonder that food-inspired names are popping up left right and centre.

Remember when we thought "Apple" was going a little too far? Welcome to the age of tiny little Baby Kale! Who would have thought?


Put down that bag of chips. Say goodbye to trans fats and sugar-coated everything. As more and more new parents are ditching the junk for clean eating and Paleo diets, this new found love for healthy food has paved the way for names that echo this wellness trend. Cuisine-inspired names like Kale, Maple and Clementine all seem to be on the rise, and that's not all. Teaming up with food names are some seriously spicey handles, who also seem to be doing delicious double time as monikers these days. In fact, Saffron, Rosemary and Sage are climbing to the top of the charts as we speak.

Not surprisingly, these tasty tidbits aren't the only name trend on the rise in 2018. Expected to roll into 2019, the current trend also sees names inspired by America's favourite reality family, the Kardashians. Stormi, Dream, Nori, Saint and Reign all saw a rise in popularity, and even Kanye and Kim rose by 22 and 19 per cent, respectively.

It also seems that as we binge-watch KUWTK and snack on kale chips while sipping herbal tea, we are simultaneously also looking for peace and serenity. As more and more Westerners adopt practices like yoga and meditation, zen-inspired baby names are also part and parcel. Girl names like Peace, Harmony, Hope, Fern and Sky are apparently climbing the charts, and Shanti - Sanskrit for 'peace' - for boys is up a whopping 34 per cent.

Are you on board with the latest unique baby name trends? Or are you still kicking it old-school with those names that unequivocally stand the test of time? Let us know in the comments!

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