Psychologist Reveals The Baby Names That Lead To The Most Happiness

It's no secret that here at BabyGaga, we're crazy for baby names. And what expectant parent isn't? Choosing your baby's name is one of the most exciting milestones along this fantastic journey we call parenthood. But according to some experts, picking a name can be serious business that just may have a lasting impact.

No, it's not fame, fortune or money. It's also not enjoying a lot of meaningful social relationships or having a positive outlook on life. If you want to be happy, well, you're just going to have to hope that your name makes the list, according to some psychologists. One such psychologist, Dr. David Holmes, claims that the name you choose for your baby can have a lasting impact on his or her level of happiness later in life. In fact, he has revealed which ten male and female names are thought to be the most joyful ones on the planet.

They are, for boys:

1. Joshua

2. Jason

3. Matthew

4. Terry

5. Barry

6. Stan

7. Ian

8. Craig

9. Nigel

10. Christopher

He's not done yet. The names that made the cheerful cut for girls are:

1. Judy

2. Stephanie

3. Linda

4. Pam

5. Pat

6. Fiona

7. Paula

8. Susan

9. Isobel

10. Vicky

The good news is that if your name - or your baby's name - is Joshua, Jason, Judy or Stephanie, you very well could be in for a lifetime of laughter. The not-so-good news is that if your name - or the name of your little one - has made the 'unhappy' list, dark skies may be looming.

That's right - we aren't done yet. The top 10 unhappiest boy names are up next, and they are:

1. Ben

2. Andrew

3. Edward

4. Tim

5. Owen

6. Rob

7. Dennis

8. Ray

9. Alfie

10. Jeremy

Now it's the girls' turn. The top 10 unhappy girl names are:

1. Lynn

2. Charlotte

3. Tina

4. Amy

5. Tara

6. Sam

7. Alex

8. Tanya

9. Jessica

10. Olivia

If you're thinking about naming your baby-to-be Ben, Andrew, Lynn or Charlotte, you may want to dive back into that baby book or scour the web for a brand new list of unique and enchanting monikers that are a little more on the upbeat side.


But if you've settled on one of the names mentioned in the two latter lists, fear not! The most important thing is that the name you chose means something to you. After all, many people believe that we are the creators of our own happiness, anyway, and a name is just a name.

And so, the age-old Shakespearean adage persists: what's in a name, anyway?

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