Baby #3 Is Coming: 20 Things About Mom-To-Be Kate Hudson

America fell in love with Kate Hudson when she appeared in the comedy-drama "Almost Famous". Since then, the actress has appeared in over 30 films and several television shows. Notable movies include "How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days", "Bride Wars", "You, Me And Dupree", "Marshall" and more. She has received many award nominations for her roles and won over 15 awards.

The actress announced a pregnancy, her third, earlier this year. Hudson announced the pregnancy by posting a gender reveal video on her Instagram account. The caption included the following text:”...SURPRISE!!!... If you’ve wondered why I’ve been so absent on my social channels it’s because I have never been more sick!” She concluded her caption with the following: “...A little girl on the way.” The baby is due to arrive anytime now, so many fans are anxiously awaiting the news. Hudson has been very open on her social media accounts with updates on her bump.

She recently posted a photo of herself posing stretching out her very pregnant belly on her Instagram account, so fans can remain hopeful that they will be updated when the baby girl does make her appearance. Hudson has two other children with two former partners. Her baby girl, who is due in August, is fathered by her current partner, who she has actually known since she was 23 years old! Keep reading for more facts about Kate Hudson, including her two children, her current partner and what the star likes to do for fun! Plus a few things fans probably would never have guessed!

20 She Has Two Other Children: Ryder & Bingham

Aside from her little girl on the way, Kate Hudson has two sons from previous relationships. HelloGiggles.com states the following in regards to Hudson’s two sons,“Hudson’s first child, Ryder, is already 14 years old. Hudson had Ryder with ex-husband Chris Robinson, the frontman of the band The Black Crowes, whom she married back in 2000. Ryder entered the world in January of 2004 when Hudson was 25...Hudson’s second son, Bingham, was born in 2011 and is six years old. Hudson had him with former fiancé Matt Bellamy of the band Muse (she and Bellamy parted ways in 2014 after four years together).”

19 She Is 39-Years-Old


She was born on April 19th, 1979. How did Hudson spend her 39th birthday? With breakfast in bed of course! The actress shared on her Instagram account that her son Ryder surprised with breakfast in bed. “The yummy looking photo shows crispy bacon, a toasted bagel, juice and a coffee on a tray atop her bed. To top it all off, Ryder even included a small bouquet of flowers to make the presentation extra special,” states People.com. Following with, “Hudson also shared an Instagram story in which Ryder can be heard singing “Happy Birthday” to his “Momma.” Youngest son Bing also showered Hudson with love with a homemade gift. “I can’t take this birthday present!!” the soon-to-be mother of three wrote on Instagram Story.”

18 She Is Dating Her Current Baby’s Father, Danny Fujikawa

Hudson gushed over her current beau and baby daddy, Danny Fujikawa, on their one year anniversary stating the following on her Instagram account,“The first time I met Danny I was 23 and enormously pregnant with Ryder. His step sisters are my best friends @sarafoster@erinfoster and so it goes we have been in the same circle for over a decade! A year ago today Danny took me on a hike and what I thought was just a hike with a family friend turned very quickly into an unexpected first date. No moves were made on this first date. In fact, it took months for him to make a first move! And as a kiss on this bridge would have been nice, the kiss a year later was so much sweeter. So on our 15th year of knowing each other we were able to open our hearts to each other to feel so much pure love and it’s been truly incredible.”

17 She Is The Daughter Of Goldie Hawn

Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn. The mother daughter duo have a beautiful relationship and can often be spotted out and about and at events together. In an interview on InterviewMagazine.com, they shed the following details on their relationship, “ HUDSON: Now, let’s begin with your relationship with your children: who’s your favorite? [both laugh] No, this is actually something that we do a lot—meet in the morning, have coffee, and chat. But I’ve never had the opportunity to ask you about your career. People always ask me, “What advice has your mother given you?” And my answer is always, “We don’t talk about that kind of thing.”HAWN: It’s mother-daughter, not mother-business.”

16 Her Father Is Bill Hudson, But Kurt Russell Was More Of A Father Figure To Her


Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and actor Bill Hudson. Kate and her brother Oliver were both fathered by Bill Hudson but raised by Hawn’s longtime partner Kurt Russell. “ She was raised by her mother and her mother's longtime boyfriend, actor Kurt Russell, whom she considers to be her father. Kate is the sister of actor Oliver Hudson, the half-sister of actor and hockey player Wyatt Russell,” explains IMDB.com. Kate and her father Russell continue to have a great relationship. She recently shared a sweet post about him on Father’s Day of this year on her Instagram account.

15 She Announced Her Pregnancy With A Gender Reveal

Hudson took to her favorite social media platform to announce both her pregnancy and the gender at the same time! In the video she posted she can be seen along with partner Danny Fujikawa alongside her two sons. They all pop balloons and pink confetti shoots out as the family celebrates. She ended her Instagram announcement by stating, “It sounds like the whole crew is thrilled with the news. “My kids, Danny, myself and the entire family are crazy excited! A little girl on the way.” Since revealing the pregnancy, Hudson has been very open with fans on social media, sharing frequent bumpdates!

14 Her Rise To Fame Started With Her Role In "Almost Famous"


Hudson's first film roles came in 1998 with two films: the comedy-drama Desert Blue and Ricochet River. She subsequently appeared in the 1999 New Year's Eve-set comedy ensemble comedy film 200 Cigarettes and the 2000 teenage drama Gossip. Regarding her early career and success, Hudson has noted that she is a "hard worker" and did not want to be associated with her well-known parents, wishing to avoid the perception that she "rode on somebody's coattails",” states Wikipedia.com.

Hudson’s big break came in 2000 though, with her role in ‘Almost Famous’. She ended up winning a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress for the role as Penny Lane.

13 She Has Recently Published Two Books

Not just an actress, Hudson has released not one but two books. Her book, ‘Pretty Happy, Healthy Ways To Love Your Body’ was released in 2016. Followed by, ‘Pretty Fun, Creating And Celebrating a Lifetime of Tradition’ in 2017.

“Pretty Fun is due out October 31, and inside readers can expect a number of recipes—some healthy, some “more indulgent”—inspiration for spontaneous get-togethers (which Hudson prefers to call “pop-up parties”), and stories of how the mom of two likes to celebrate with her loved ones. The title is a followup to her first book, Pretty Happy, and while it was all about achieving wellness, Hudson says the two go hand-in-hand,” wrote People.com prior to the release of ‘Pretty Fun’.

12 And Of Course, Her Athleisure Clothing Line, Fabletics

Hudson co-founded her athleisure clothing line, Fabletics, in 2013. The company has since taken of and become very successful. “the sportswear group gained international traction and now boasts annual revenues of $300 million-plus, having expanded from its online origins into brick and mortar stores,” reports CNBC.com.

On her brand’s style, Hudson explained to CNBC.com, "I personally think that there wasn't a company or brand that was taking the healthy lifestyle with a 'more fun' approach, that was more about like doing the best you can, versus, a lot of fitness brands (that) are always associated with professional athletes. Which, by the way, I love, can't wait to work with professional athletes.”

11 She's Not Just An Actor: She Has Talent As A Musician


Kate Hudson is really a jack of all trades kind of gal! On top of being an actress, a business owner, and an author, Hudson has some talents as a musician as well. “I always have written music,” she revealed. “There was a moment in my life where it was like which way am I gonna go … ’cause I grew up with musical theater as my thing … I love musical theater. Singing and dancing to me is as much fun as acting,” stated Hudson in an interview with People.com. She went onto admit that she can play the piano.

10 She Is A Big Believer In Meditation

A spiritual and meditative person, mediation is a big part of Hudson’s life. “In 2016, Hudson said: "Meditation has been the most helpful and life-changing thing for me. You can feel the difference when you meditate on a regular basis. At least I can.... I started practicing transcendental meditation a year and a half ago so I meditate 20 minutes in the morning and I try to do another 20 minutes in the afternoon,” shares Wikipedia.com. Want to give it a try? There are a lot of free meditation apps available on both iTunes and Google Play, so give it a shot!

9 She Practices Buddhism

“Kate Hudson was raised with Buddhist influences from an early age as her mother, Goldie Hawn, had taken a serious interest in the religion after beginning with mindful-living and meditation in the 70s. Coming from a Jewish background, Hudson still associates herself with Judaism, in principle however is a Buddhist in practice,” explains LongevityLive.com. Hudson is not the only celebrity who practices Buddhism. She shares these beliefs with fellow celebs, Orlando Bloom, Tina Turner, Sharon Stone and Richard Gere.

Wondering what Buddhism looks like? Here are the five principle rules, as shared by LongevityLive.com. “To refrain from taking life and non-violence towards sentient life forms. To refrain from taking that which is not given and not committing theft. To refrain from sensual and sexual misconduct. To refrain from lying, speaking truth always is of utmost importance. To refrain from intoxicants which lead to loss of mindfulness, specifically, drugs and alcohol.”

8 She Knows How To Speak French

A woman of many talents, add speaking French to Hudson’s resume. Hudson’s other hobbies and interests include yoga, arts and crafts, making her own jewelry and her absolute favorite activity, dancing! “ As she described to the Los Angeles Times, she remembered "family biking trips, skiing in Colorado, sports and dancing." She went on to say during the interview that dance was one of her favorite activities in childhood. And her love for dance didn't stop as she got older. In another interview with The Telegraph, Hudson spoke to this topic again, saying, "I grew up dancing…. Nothing makes me happier than when I'm dancing,” reports TheList.com.

7 She Loves Vintage Fashion


Hudson’s outfits can often be found dotted with a hint of vintage flair. And she’s stated that she keeps a lot of her clothes in case her daughter is interested in them someday. “"I archive a lot of my pieces - from when Stella (McCartney) was at Chloe and Tom Ford at YSL and Gucci," Hudson says. "My mom never kept her clothes. She was big into (Azzedine) Alaia clothes and she didn't keep them! She also had Ossie Clark dresses from the `70s, and I never got to wear them, so I decided when and if I have a little girl in my life, maybe she'll be into them and want to go into my closet someday,” stated Hudson in an interview with SanDiegoUnionTribune.com.

6 Her Zodiac Sign Is Aries

Born in April, Hudson’s Zodiac sign is Aries. “Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and that’s pretty much how those born under this sign see themselves: first. Aries are the leaders of the pack, first in line to get things going. Whether or not everything gets done is another question altogether, for an Aries prefers to initiate rather than to complete. Do you have a project needing a kick-start? Call an Aries, by all means. The leadership displayed by Aries is most impressive, so don’t be surprised if they can rally the troops against seemingly insurmountable odds — they have that kind of personal magnetism,” states Astrology.com

5 She Was Born In LA

Kate Hudson was born in Los Angeles, California. “By all accounts, Hudson was a born performer - as a child she danced and sang at every opportunity,” shares IMDB.com. “She loved performing from a young age and would jump at any chance to sing and dance on stage. Her parents ensured she received dance lessons and she also trained with the Santa Monica Playhouse as a child. She began acting as a teenager when she was offered a guest spot on the T.V. drama ‘Party of Five’ in 1996,” states TheFamousPeople.com.

4 She Was Accepted Into NYU But Decided To Pursue Acting Instead

Like many others in her career path, Hudson never pursued a college degree after her high school education. Though, she did have the opportunity to do so. “In 1997, she graduated from Crossroads, a college preparatory school in Santa Monica. She was accepted to New York University, but chose to pursue an acting career instead of an undergraduate degree,” writes Wikipedia.com. And as it turns out, she did just fine without that degree. Her career as an actress, in addition to her clothing line, books and other endeavors, has left Hudson with a net worth valued at $38 million dollars, according to CelebrityNetworth.com.

3 She Was Raised Jewish

Kate Hudson is a very spiritual person. As we learned above, she practices Buddhism. She was actually also raised Jewish. “Her Jewish roots are confined to her maternal grandmother’s lineage,” explains HollowVerse.com. On her Buddhist upbringing, Hudson shared the following in an interview with DailyMail.Co.uk, “‘Mum is a Buddhist,’ she says (describing herself as ‘spiritual’). ‘She has taught me to look at life as lessons to be learned: we all experience love and disappointment, laughter and pain. Her philosophy has stopped me from becoming cynical, which squashes the good things. If you focus on positivity and honesty, you’ll be happy.”

2 She Doesn’t Like To Watch Herself On Screen

Ever cringe when you see yourself in a home video? Hate listening to your own voice on a voicemail? Well, then you have something in common with Kate Hudson.

In an interview with the Hudson Union, Hudson shared the following, “When you’re doing it, you’re not thinking about anything like that… On a film where you go and you show up and you put your all into something and then it goes to the director and the editing room…you don’t know what to expect, you don’t know what take they’re going to use…The whole experience is just completely anxiety ridden for me.” The interview in its entirety can be viewed on YouTube.com.

1 She's A Total Homebody

Celebs, they’re just like us! Turns out, Kate Hudson is a total homebody! “And when asked to divulge one thing that people don't know about her yet, Hudson confessed, "One of the things that people don't know is that I'm a homebody. I love being at home,” reports EOnline.com in an interview with the actress. If you would take a night at home over a night on the town, then you just might have what it takes to be besties with Hudson. So throw on your slippers, pour a cup of tea and turn on Netflix. If Kate Hudson is doing it, so can you!

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