Baby Abandoned At Gatwick Airport 33 Years Ago Locates Birth Parents

It might have taken over three decades, but this young man finally has the answers to the questions that he has long searched for. A baby that was abandoned at London’s Gatwick airport 33 years ago has finally found his birth parents. Steven Hydes, who is better known as ‘Gary Gatwick’ was abandoned at the airport by his mother. The young man says that he finally found his birth father and siblings, who were all unaware of his existence, this past week.

According to People Magazine, Hydes searched far and wide for the parents that abandoned him when he was just one week old in April of 1986 at one of the busiest airports in the world. He was found wearing two onesies in a women’s restroom by a duty-free sales assistant. After his story made headlines, Hydes gave himself the nickname ‘Gary Gatwick’ after the airport’s iconic bear mascot.

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Even though he was eventually adopted, Hydes began his search for his biological parents when he was 18. Despite having a happy family of his own, Hydes always wanted to locate his mother and father and learn more about their story. He said that after 15 years of searching, he and Genetic Genealogists CeCe Moore and Helen Riding were able to trace and confirm the identity of his birth family.

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Hydes wrote on Facebook, “The work the Genealogists do is incredible and for years they have worked so hard and it is thanks to them they are solving cases like mine. More people are having their DNA tested every day and I hope this and my story can help raise awareness and prevent other babies from being abandoned.”

Unfortunately, Hydes said that his birth mother had passed away. He was unable to find out what was the cause of her death was.

Hydes had spent many years reaching out to the general public for help in the hope that someone had a connection or a lead to his birth mother and father. He even appeared in several different documentaries and broadcast his story to the mainstream media. The now father-of-two said that he was always curious to find out what his real name was, his actual birthday and if he had any siblings.

He said, “You’ve got no idea how it feels to know nothing about what nationality you are, or where you come from.”

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Thanks to genomics companies like Ancestry DNA and 23andMe, he finally found the answers he was long looking for. Hydes says his DNA was compared to the 26 million participants who have sent their DNA samples through the mail.

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