Baby Abandoned On Doorstep Finds Loving Home With Family Of Nine

Milo was left on Talethia Edwards’ doorstep three months ago, and he now happily lives in his huge family of nine. He’s often referred to as the community baby because everyone pitches in to help with his care. Edwards wanted one more baby boy to complete her family, and she never thought she would actually get one.

On Mother’s Day, Edwards received a call from someone in the neighbourhood who told her a woman in her 40s just gave birth. She needed help because she was living on the streets and was battling addiction. Edwards is known in her community to help struggling parents because she advocates for her neighbourhood’s working-class families and helps them make ends meet, so she was contacted when they found a baby in need.

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When Edwards returned home after receiving that call, she found the woman at her doorstep. She was carrying a baby in a worn-down car seat with three diapers and a small bottle of milk beside him. At first, Edwards posted a photo of the baby online to ask for donations. Her community stepped up to help—giving baby clothes, formula, diapers, and money to the mother in need. Edwards believed that the crisis has been averted, but the woman came to her house again after two days.

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Milo’s car seat was broken, and his mother seemed to be in an alarmed state. She handed Edwards a note that stated she is leaving her son in Edwards’ care, and she made the decision in a sound state of mind. She tried to maintain contact with the mother afterwards, but it was difficult to get a hold of her. It became clear that she wasn’t coming back, and Edwards had a new baby boy to add to her family.

Edwards gave Milo all the love and care he needed. When they brought him to the paediatrician, he tested positive for drugs. For days, she maintained skin-to-skin contact with him to keep him relaxed while he was in pain. Two months later, Milo is doing well and is a happy baby. Along with his seven siblings, Milo is going to grow up in a home filled with the love he deserves.

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