Baby Abandoned Left On Doorstep In Malaysia With Heartbreaking Note

With the hope for a better future of her son, a desperate mother left him at the doorstep of a villager in Kota Belud, some 70km from Kota Kinabalu early Sunday (June 30). She left a heart-wrenching note for the lady of the house, a “Sumarti," pleading her to care for her son, Yusof.

She wrote that the child was born on June 29, but unfortunately had not drunk a drop of milk, as she was unable to lactate. She could also not provide the bare necessities to the child – diapers, milk powder, and vaccination shots.

The woman, who remained anonymous, also conceded that while she considered herself to be a failure as a mother, she was sure that “Sumarti” could shower him with desired love and care. A part of the letter read, “I want someone to love Yusof. I, as a mother, have failed to care for Yusof. Yusof has been very thirsty and hungry since early morning.”

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via: tellmebaby.com.au

At around 5:30 am, when Sumarti’s mother heard the cries of a child outside their house, she woke her up. On finding the baby with the letter, they first confirmed that the infant was safe with no injuries.

Around 8:57 am, she took the baby to Kota Belud police station to file a complaint. Supt Mohd Zaidi said Sumarti confirmed of not knowing anyone in the village who had just given birth. And she was clueless of the mother of the child or who left him at her doorstep.

Police officers took initial charge of the baby and sent him for a medical examination. They also informed welfare officials of the incident. The welfare officials took the baby for further examination, who has been found to be healthy.

Photos of Yusuf along with the letter was posted on the Facebook page of Irranun Peace. People have showered their concern and blessings for the child. Some also praised the mother for trying to secure him rather than dumping him and leaving him to die.

KOTA BELUD anak ditinggalkan di bawah kolong rumah orang di kampung pompod..kasihan baby baru lahir ini

Posted by Irranun peace on Saturday, June 29, 2019

Towards the end of the letter she wrote, “Please take care of Yusuf as your own child … I sincerely surrender Yusuf to your family. I beg of you, please let Yusuf stay with you … I want someone to love Yusuf.”

As of now, none knows if the woman "Sumarti” will adopt the baby and give her the affection that his mother begged from her.

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But, then again, there are many other people eagerly waiting to adopt him. So, the child might get the secured life that his mother prayed for him!

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