Baby's Close Call Serves As A Reminder To Always Protect Your Little One's Feet

This baby almost lost his toes after his mother's hair got wrapped around them. Don't worry, all of his little piggies are fine, but it was quite the scare.

Mother Alex Upton woke up in the middle of the night to hear her 10-week old son Ezra screaming. She went into his room and grabbed him to try to nurse him back to sleep. She began to become very flustered when her son refused to latch and continued to scream, and she knew that if her son was rejecting her milk and was still crying then there had to be something wrong because that was completely out of character. Upton began changing his diaper with the thought that maybe he had a dirty nappy that was making him so angry. She began inspecting her son to see what could possibly be causing him to be in so much agony.

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Upton noticed that he had bright red toes. She wasn't quite sure what was making the toes so red and swollen looking. Upon further investigation, she noticed that her little boy had a fine piece of hair wrapped around his poor toes which she estimated was there for around 12 to 14 hours.

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Poor little Ezra was suffering from what is called "hair tourniquet syndrome". Hair tourniquet syndrome affects mostly infants when a piece of hair gets tied around toes, fingers, their tongue, or even an umbilical stump. Ezra could have easily lost his toes if she hadn't noticed the hair when she did.  When she saw the problem she quickly began unraveling the hair which was wrapped around his toes about 4 times. She quickly screamed for her husband Ben. Together they tried to get the hair off of one of his toes. They finally got it released by using tweezers. Upton said that she felt so bad because not only had she not noticed the hair sooner, but that it was her very own hair.

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Upton is now wanting to warn other parents about the dangers of hair and how it can easily wrap around infant's fingers, toes or even tongue. She is in complete shock that she had never heard about the dangers of hair. She has never heard about hair causing so much damage and she suggests that doctors, nurses, and midwives start telling parents about the dangers of having tiny strands of hair being wrapped around their babies.  Upton also advises mothers to make sure they are constantly checking their children to make sure that they do not have their fingers, toes or tongues restricted. Thankfully this story has a happy ending! Ezra's toes are perfectly fine with no permanent damage.

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