Baby Animals: 10 Cutest Cats You Can Follow On Instagram

With over 100 million profiles on Instagram, there are a plethora of accounts to follow based on your particular interests and what kind of accounts you want popping up on your account.

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But if there’s one genre we can’t stay away from, it’s adorable cats. What’s more uplifting and cuddly than seeing a bunch of different cat personalities on your Instagram? From adorable kittens going on excursions with their human to cats with special abilities making their way to the top of Instagram — here are 10 adorable cat accounts you have to follow. (And yes, you will get epic cat fever. You've been warned.)


Like his Instagram handle implies, Sam the cat has eyebrows. Thanks his adorable coloring, he’s an all-white cat with two black lines right above his eyes, looking a lot like eyebrows.

Based in New York City, Sam’s owner loves to put him in outfits and takes pictures of him in silly positions. And with bright yellow eyes and his dark brows, Sam always looks like he has something to say. You know, other than “Meow.”


First of all, the name Pudge is fantastic, and when you take a look at this adorable calico cat you’ll realize her name totally suits her.

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With gorgeous orange, black, and white coloring, Pudge also has an adorable white mustache that makes her look… Well, let’s just say refined. She also has a smushed face with bright yellow eyes that’s just asking to be booped.


You’ve probably seen Venus on your popular page on Instagram or on various cat accounts and that’s for good reason. Venus is literally a two-faced kitty. Born with chimera, Venus is his own twin. His body is different shades of orange and black while his face is equal parts black and orange.

One side is orange (with a blue eye) while his other side is all black (with a green) eye. To say he's one of the most beautiful kitties on IG is an understatement. In fact, it’s thanks to Venus’s *disability* that has spread awareness and raised the popularity of other cats with chimera.


Smoothie the Cat is quite literally the “Queen of Fluff.” This stunning long-haired cat is a gorgeous shade of soft orange with a white chest. She even has emerald-colored eyes making her look like a duchess in cat form. To prove that Instagram loves Smoothie, she has over two-million followers!

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It doesn't take long to notice that Smoothie loves to unintentionally pose. With fur that light and eyes that green, she's a born cat model.


Pisco is a little peach! With a soft, round head, he’s the kind of cat you just want to put hats on (and his owner does!). Pisco is a Golden British Shorthair and is described as a “little ball of fire” by his owner. Living in New York City, he’s a round and soft kitty with adorably fluffy paws. Another factor that makes him so round and cute is his short ears. They’re almost too short for his darling head which makes him even more endearing.


Suki the Cat is more than just your average cat Instagram account — Suki is your travel inspiration. Also known as the “adventure cat,” Suki travels around with her nomadic owner (@enchanted.forest).

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With bright blue eyes and Bengal-like prints, Suki can be seen wearing matching plaid with her owner while overlooking nature’s great lakes, climbing trees, and chasing leaves afoot of castles. Suki won’t just give you cat goals, she gives you travel goals. Who needs to be inspired by on-the-go humans when we can be inspired by stunning kitties?


This gorgeous Instagram account shows the love between human and pet. Yuma and Laura are a tag team who love to go on outdoor adventures over in Bavaria. Yuma’s beautiful green eyes really shine in contrast to her brown and off-orange coat. And speaking of coats, her owner, Laura, even dresses her in raincoats! She loves to take her on hikes and take sweet pictures of her around nature’s best backdrops. And we’re not just saying her backyard. Laura takes her to Austria, Saxony, and beyond!


There are far too many stories about animals being found abused or in need of help. And thankfully, there are millions of kind-hearted people who willingly adopt these fur-babies and give them the loving home they always deserved.

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Nathan the cat was found in a box on the side of a highway before he was scooped up by his owner and he now has a new sister named Winnie! The so-called “beach cats” live in Australia and love to roam the beach with their humans. It's not every day we witness dark black beach cats, so follow these two will make you envious and curious of their beach life.


There sure are a ton of cat accounts on Instagram. From outdoor to indoor kitties — they’re all special in their own way. And although every owner thinks their cat is the best, there is something very unique about Primus. Look how majestic he looks.

Prancing around Norway, Primus’s coloring and long hair make him look like royalty. Seeing him climb trees and cavort through fall’s foliage is what cat goals are all about.


Bowie is an adorable cat that's both sassy and sweet, according to his human. Unlike a few of the more adventurous kitties on this list, Bowie seems to be a stay-at-home cat who is very comfortable being the star of attention. And with two different colored eyes and over 20,000 Instagram followers, Bowie is more loved than he knows!

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