The 10 Best Ways To Announce A New Baby

From traditional pregnancy announcements and letting specific loved ones know about an upcoming birth to sharing the revealed gender of a baby online, there are so many cute and unique ways to introduce a new kiddo to the world.

And because there are so many ways, there are also so many products that can help in doing so! That being said, we have rounded up 10 original and amazing items that can help with memorable announcements, gender reveal parties and more. These items can be given as gifts to expecting friends, used at showers and presented to others who are getting ready to welcome this baby.

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10 Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets


Announcing that someone is becoming a first-time parent, that another child is being added to a family or that an adoption or IVF process has started is huge! So let loved ones know about it through this interactive announcements; these scratch-off jackpot cards may have friends and family members think they could be winning the lotto… but this news is even better.

As people attempt to “Match 3 & Win,” a row of pacifiers will be revealed, and underneath that, a scratch-off message will show these words: “We’re having a baby!”. This is definitely a fun and unique way to introduce a new family member.

9 Grandparents Bodysuit


Usually, when someone finds out they are expecting a child, they want to tell anyone and everyone, but telling parents who are about to become grandparents is super special. Therefore, give an equally special gift, such as this cute onesie, which states that only the best parents get promoted to grandparents.

Imagine having parents open up this present and finding out about their new little bundle of joy like this! Yes, grandparents love to spoil their grandkids, so beginning their relationship with one of the many articles of clothing they will own seems quite appropriate and very memorable for all.

8 Pet Photo Sharing Props


Having a baby is a milestone, but many people out there already have babies - their pets! This gift is perfect for those people. It is a chalkboard sign that can include furry friends when sharing this exciting news.

It even comes with a ribbon, to go around a cat’s or a dog’s head, as well as one piece of chalk, in order to write in the date. So even though parents may think this time is all about them, they are wrong; a loved pet is going to think that this new kiddo is just for them: a new playmate, a brother or sister and a personal, tiny human!

7 Promoted to Auntie 2019 Coffee Mug


Another person who may deserve a special announcement of their own is a sister or a best gal pal. Why? Well, this cool lady is being promoted to an auntie! Make the women in this baby’s life feel special with this 11-ounce mug that is safe for the dishwasher and the microwave.

If features a pretty floral design and a pretty script, which will allow any new aunt to tell the world this great news. Sisters, sisters-in-law, best friends, cousins who are close, godmothers… Anyone who is like an aunt, now that a baby is on the way, needs this mug!

6 15 Piece Basswood Jigsaw Puzzle Pregnancy Announcement


Another creative way to announce a pregnancy is with a puzzle. This one that is pictured right here contains 15 pieces that can be put together to deliver this sweet message. It would be cute at a baby shower (as an activity and as a decoration), at a family holiday where the news is coming out or as a present for kids who can expect a new sibling.

Yes, this unique puzzle is made of laser-engraved Basswood, and it can even be glued together and framed afterwards, for an original and a neat keepsake that commemorates this wonderful time in life.

5 ALLTB Eating Tacos for Two Pregnancy T Shirt


There are many pros to this next gift idea… First off, this tee is lightweight, soft and comfy. Secondly, it is humorous, with a message that will get a laugh or two. And last but not least, this will make a mamma feel okay about eating yet another taco!

Get ready to brighten up any expecting mother’s day with this T-shirt, which is cozy enough to stretch over a belly and cute enough to be worn to the gym, grocery store or even for a day out with friends. Plus, it is all about Mexican food, so it really is a super smart buying option.

4 Gender Reveal Party Supplies


Gender reveals are all the rage, and this kit includes 103 pieces for an amazing party. There are balloons, a banner, a mom-to-be sash, photo booth props, team boy/team girl stickers, cupcake toppers and confetti that is hidden until it is time to reveal that gender!

A hostess with the mostest definitely needs to consider this product, as it literally comes with everything that could possibly be needed - whether it is a boy or a girl that is on the way. So bring on the blue and the pink, with this buy that is efficient and that is adorable.

3 Gender Reveal Games Kit


Parents who are expecting, friends who are throwing baby showers and people needing a unique twist for a gender reveal party can turn to this party poster set. With it, loved ones can guess whether the baby is a boy or a girl, learn about old wives' tales and cast official votes on the gender.

As mentioned, preparing for a new kid is lots of work, so bundled packs like this - full of items that are handy as well as super cute - are always a smart way to go. Plus, a party will really stand out from the rest with games like these.

2 I'm Pregnant Scented Candle


Many people post photos online revealing that a baby is coming or have a party to celebrate a growing family. But one-of-a-kind ladies can tell people that they are pregnant with this interesting candle.

According to its product page, it smells like watermelons, pickles and endless trips to the bathroom - three things that can be big during this time. It is 9 ounces and will burn for approximately 50 hours, as a superb way to remind people that, yes, I am pregnant, and there is a baby in there, right now, that will soon be out here with all us!

1 Disney Baby Lullaby


And last but not least, we have yet another quirky and memorable way to introduce a baby to the world… with music. Give someone special this album as a way to let them know that a new kiddo is joining the family.

The Disney Baby Lullaby CD features favorite sleepytime songs, with a mix of instrumental and vocal versions. Those who are really into songs, Disney, babies or all of the above will adore listening to When You Wish Upon a Star, Rockabye Baby and A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes - especially when a tiny tot is here to learn the songs, too.

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