Baby Basics- 12 Wardrobe Essentials for Your Little One

When you become pregnant and reach the point where it's time to register for your baby, the process can be overwhelming. Especially if you are a first time mother, you might not know which items are must-haves, and which you can do without. Let this be your baby wardrobe registry guide. From newborn to toddler, these are the 12 wardrobe essentials that you'll use all the time and be glad that you have.

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10 Onesies 

You seriously can't have enough onesies (also called bodysuits). They are easy to use when baby is still a baby, and when he gets to be a little older, you can still use them. You can find stylish ones that you can add other pieces to, like pants, or vests, or skirts, for a cute outfit, or you can stock up on solid colored ones and use them under shirts or pajamas for cold weather. The onesie can be used for everyday baby outfits, or as a layering piece when needed. Stock up on these bad boys because you will use them all the time.

9 Socks

When you become a parent, you realize why grandma always buys the grandkids basics like socks and underwear for Christmas. And while the kids usually hate getting those things as gifts, the truth is that they do need them. Babies need socks to keep their little feet warm, and as they get older and start walking, they need them (usually) in order to wear shoes. You will also find that no matter how organized you are, you will lose a lot of socks. You will be folding laundry and only have half a pair, and sometimes you never find the match. It's good to have a large sock selection for baby, just in case you run out.

8 Footed Pajamas 

Lots of kids, once they learn how, love to pull their socks and shoes off. In the car, at home, at church, it doesn't matter. There is something about covering up those little feet that babies don't like. But at night, when it's time for them to go to sleep, it is important that they are warm and bundled. Footed pajamas ensure that they will not pull their socks off overnight. They also help protect their feet with the sticky type bottoms when they walk around.

7 Hats 

When baby is first born, the nurses usually put a warm hat on his head. Just like the feet, the head is one part of the body that retains heat, so when baby's head is warm, it helps the rest of him stay warm. Once baby gets old enough to make trips to the beach or the lake, a sun hat will be important, to protect his little head from the sun's penetrating rays. And in the winter, they will need a warm hat yet again.

6 -: Bloomers & Leggings (for Girls)

5. Bloomers

They are not necessarily "essential" to baby's wardrobe, but bloomers should be a part of it. They are great for days when your little one wants to just hang out at home, and it's too hot to enjoy a day outside. But also, they are so stinking cute! They work for boys or girls, and can also be worn over a onesie.

6. Leggings (for Girls)

They can be worn under skirts or dresses, or even under jeans as a layering piece. Most little girls have at least one pair of leggings in their wardrobe. They are such an affordable, versatile piece that it's a good idea to stock up on leggings. You can find them in full length, or capri style. There are also the denim looking ones, better known as "jeggings." They can be worn in any season and come in lots of fun colors and prints.

5  A Fancy Outfit

Ever see those babies all dressed up for a wedding or special occasion? Don't they just make you swoon? There is something about a baby all dressed up that is so adorable. And you never know when you might need a fancy outfit for them. Maybe you'll get invited to a wedding, or a baptism, or maybe you want to dress your little one up for church. Find that one super frilly dress for your girl, or that totally cute suit for your boy, and they'll be the talk of the town wherever they go.

4 -: Overalls & Graphic Tees

8. Overalls

Yee-haw! When you think of overalls, do you think of farmers? Well, overalls can be worn in a non-farmer way. In fact, every baby should have at least one pair. They are easy to wear, and can be worn with lots of different pieces- onesies, polo shirts, button downs, just to name a few. If you can find a pair that has snaps instead of buttons, that makes it much easier to get them on your little squirmy pants.

9. Graphic Tees

You often see adults sporting t-shirts of their favorite sports team, or movie, or restaurant. They love to represent their favorites on their chest. Kids actually love to do that too, which is why you see tons of Frozen apparel, as well as superheroes and television characters. Every kid, once they have a favorite person or place, would love to have a shirt to wear to showcase their love.

3  Novelty Outfit

Even if they only wear it once (which is unlikely), every child needs a novelty type outfit. Whether it is a princess dress and tiara, or a superhero cape and mask, let your child's imagination run wild as they play dress up. Much like the graphic tee, they probably love pretending they are their favorite characters. And there won't be many other opportunities in life to get away with playing the part.

2  Jackets/Coats

Even if you live somewhere that has moderate weather most of the year, your little one is going to need a coat or jacket. Think about times when you travel, or when you go to a place like a restaurant or somewhere that blasts the air conditioning inside. For places with bad weather, a raincoat or snow jacket are definitely necessary. Have at least one light coat and one heavier one for your little bundle of joy.

1  Jeans

What wardrobe would be complete without at least one pair of jeans? They are the most practical, versatile piece of clothing you can own, and your baby needs some too! Besides the fact that they go with just about anything, they are comfortable and come in really cute styles. For girls, you can often find pairs with little bows or girlie details, and for boys, more basic styles.

Now that you know the 12 must-haves for baby's wardrobe, hit the stores and check these essentials off your list. Or, if you are still expecting your sweetie, add these items to your registry.

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