This DIY Baby Bedding Is Adorable And Affordable

Having a baby changes everything, from a lifestyle to a mindset and, well, a budget. Moving forward, pretty well everything new parents do will be done with one priority in mind: making sure Junior gets everything that's needed to pursue a full life.

Naturally, that means sacrifices on the end of the grown-ups, such as dropping some cash to create a nursery to ensure that baby has a nurturing environment. Bedding for cribs and anything involving sleepy babies, however, is expensive, but fortunately, with a few materials, some elbow grease and a lot of imagination, you can have a ready-made, baby-friendly spot for a tot to crash.

One family in Halifax, Canada offered to create for a friend some bedding that would be custom to her forthcoming baby's crib and with a bit of ingenuity, they wound up spending only $75. Yep, inexpensive and homemade, but the results look top of the line.

You can check out the full instructions for this DIY bedding here.

This set had a woodland theme to go with the crib's appearance. They also designed a sheet that's a standard size for most cribs; that project required more than six feet of fabric with French seams to ensure that it wouldn't fall apart when washing or drying. As for fabric, they opted for cotton and flannel.


The crib skirt was made with five pieces of fabric, with one of them being a mattress piece and the other four of them pleated to hang on all sides of the crib. It was designed to adjust to the height of the crib mattress, which should be set high for newborns and gradually lowered when the baby is growing. Whenever the height needs to be changed, the excess fabric from this DIY can be tucked under the crib.

As for the crib bumpers, the family needed at least 12 feet of fabric to cover older bumpers and ensure that they matched the fabric design chosen for the crib bedding. Plenty of stitching was required to keep the bumpers totally encased inside the new fabric, especially since this is the type of bedding that is the most accessible to a growing, curious, and playful baby.

Even at $75 as the cost of the entire project, the bedding is still far cheaper than if expectant parents went the retail route. One site had bedding as high as $300. Clearly, the DIY route is a great option for any parents looking to keep cash in their wallets.


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