Author Creates Baby Book For Friend Who Lost Her Child To Miscarriage

Margaret Scofield created a baby book for those who lose children through miscarriages inspired by her friend. The author wanted to help her friend deal with her loss, and she figured that many other women need something to comfort them during the tough times. Scofield was determined to create something useful for mothers everywhere.

Scofield came up with the idea because of how important baby books are to most moms. It’s a tradition for you to record all your pregnancy journey and your baby’s firsts, and you can use the book to look back and reminisce. For those who miscarried, they miss out on this experience, so Scofield wanted to change that.

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Scofield decided to write the book because she wasn’t able to find a baby book for her grieving friend, Ann Pearson. The author found out that her friend lost her daughter to a miscarriage after 10 weeks of pregnancy, and she was devastated when doctors told her that they couldn’t hear a heartbeat. Scofield wanted to do something meaningful to comfort her friend, but she couldn’t find a baby book for her lost daughter in any store. With that, she took matters into her own hands and just made it herself.

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The book is titled “I Love You Still,” and it is a baby book for those who lost their baby. Each page is designed to commemorate certain events and record the emotions of each time. Included in the book is a list of resources grieving parents can turn to. Through writing down their experiences, moms will be able to process their loss through a healthy outlet. Accompanied by beautiful drawings, the book shows these moms that their feelings are valid and they’re capable of healing.

The baby book is a good way to remember that the pregnancy was real, and the child lost isn’t forgotten. In honour of her daughter, Riley, Pearson looks through the book to remember her excitement during the pregnancy. Many other women feel the same way as Pearson, so they have been ordering Scofield’s book. Currently, the self-published book has been mailed to 17 countries, and it’s the twelfth most-bought book on Amazon Baby Journals.

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