Seven Teachers At Elementary School Pregnant At Once

Seven out of the fifteen teachers at Oak Street Elementary School are pregnant!

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We have seen a lot of baby booms in the news lately! The most recent news story was at a hospital where nine labor and delivery nurses were pregnant all at the same time and they would be giving birth around the same time. The teachers at Oak Street Elementary school started realizing that more and more of them where becoming pregnant.

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Before long, the teachers counted up the teachers and found that seven of them were all pregnant at the same time! There are only 15 teachers at this particular elementary school, so the fact that there are seven of them pregnant is crazy cool!

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Tara Johnson, a fourth grade teacher at Oak Street, said that the whole thing was just really comical. She said that it started out just one of them and then two and then three. By the time that there was seven it just got to be funnier and funnier. All of the teachers are in complete awe by the whole situation and the students are all loving having their teachers be pregnant. The school has gotten a lot of jokes over the course of the last months. The biggest joke that they hear is "don't drink the water." When Tiffany Schmidt, a third grade teacher, told the principle, Ashley Miller, that she was pregnant she said that she had drank the water. It took Miller a second and all she could remember saying was, "are you kidding me? Congratulation!" Schmidt was the seventh teacher to announce their pregnancy.

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All of the ladies are extremely excited to be able to be pregnant at the same time! If everything goes well there should be 8 new babies born in 2019, because one of the women is due with twins. The women are so excited that their children will be able to grow up together. It will be a little bit of a learning curve for the school district since they will have to adapt to 7 substitute teachers! Thankfully there are a few months between the women's deliveries and a couple of them are due during the Summer. Miller said that she already has their substitutes lined up, but then jokingly said it might be a smart idea to invest in a nursery.

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