Baby Boomers Need To Stop Saying, 'Well, My Kids Survived'

Baby Boomers sometimes think that they know the best way to raise children because their children "survived." News flash, they don't know everything and they don't know what's best for your child.

Have you ever told your grandmother or an older relative not do something with your child and they have responded by saying, "I raised three kids and they all survived?" I am not sure why they say that. They believe that since their children survived that they know everything that there is to know about parenting and what's best for your child. I remember when an older lady told me that my two-year-old didn't want to be rear-facing anymore and that I should forward face him. I responded by telling her that it is actually much safer for him to be rear-facing for as long as possible. Her response was, "well, my kids didn't even have carseats and they all survived." I could not believe that she said that! So, because her kids survived not dying in a tragic car accident then children should not be in carseats?

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Look, Baby Boomers, I know that you guys think that you know everything because you have managed to raise children who survived, but you actually don't know everything. A lot of things have changed since you were raising your children. A lot of the changes that have been made are for the better. Carseats are way more advanced and much safer. More tests have been done on carseats to protect our children. New immunizations have been created to protect our children from more diseases and illnesses. Studies have shown that babies should be exposed to new foods earlier. Doctors have discovered that it is actually better to give kids nuts and strawberries sooner to decrease the chance of them becoming allergic. Rice cereal isn't actually the best thing for babies stomachs. We have learned that babies aren't supposed to have water until they are at least 6 months old. Baby walkers are now banned in many countries due to safety concerns and those johnny jumpers for the doorway have shown to cause hip issues. A lot has changed.


The infant death rate has decreased since you guys were raising your child, so we are obviously making some improvements. Yes, your children were lucky enough to survive, but millions of children did not. Millions of children died from sicknesses that we now have vaccinations for, millions of children died in car accidents because they were not properly restrained, millions of children have been saved due to new medical advances.

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Just because you raised children that survived doesn't mean that you did everything right. It doesn't mean that you know everything. And also, just because your child survived doesn't mean you know how to raise my children correctly. The other day I told somebody that I didn't spank my children and this random lady in the supermarket told me that she raised two children who were spanked and they are now very successful adults. She told me this as if this was supposed to convince me somehow to start spanking my children.

You don't know what's best for my kid. I am the parent and I will do what's right for them. I don't need to know what you did for your children. My children are not your children and I will do whatever I think is best. I don't need to know that your kid survived. Baby boomers need to stop giving so much of their outdated advice.

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