Baby Born At 24 Weeks Beats Odds With Revolutionary Technique

A revolutionary technique used only once at the Kaiser Permanente Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles earlier was used again to save the life of a 24 week old baby girl, Regan from Kern County.

In 2017, Michelle and Stephen Webb became the parents of twins, but the good news didn't last long. During Michelle’s 18 weeks of pregnancy, doctors found that she had an incompetent cervix.

An incompetent cervix, or cervical insufficiency, is a scenario where weak cervical tissue can be the cause of premature delivery or the loss of an otherwise healthy pregnancy.

The preterm twins were born - Reagan weighed 1 pound 3 ounces, and Logan was 1 pound 6 ounces. However, Logan couldn't fight longer than six days, and Reagan kept fighting to survive.

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Her mother said, “She is stronger than I am. I remember those moments with her in the NICU, and I don't know how she was able to keep going.”

At four months, this little fighter was transported from Bakersfield to the Kaiser Permanente Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.

Baby born at 24 weeks beats all odds after a different technique saved her life

18-month-old Reagan is a little champ! She was born at 24 weeks and doctors belived she wasn't going to make it but despite the odds she proved everybody wrong. A technique only used once before at the Kaiser Permanente Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles was used for the second time ever on her and saved her life. Take a look! MORE: https://bit.ly/2Ja5UwH

Posted by Elisa Navarro 23ABC on Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Just like the baby, her parents too were determined to save her. The Webbs had done their research and found a protocol that had earlier helped a baby with a similar situation in Ohio.

Coincidentally, when they presented the idea to Pediatric Pulmonologist Dr. Sohn in Los Angeles, he too agreed with them. The doctor said, “We were on the same page, and the parents were being very proactive but at that moment they were looking for anything different because nothing was working.”

With this technique, high pressure is used to enable the lung to breathe in for a longer time. Dr. Sohn explained, “The reason we do that is that the premature babies lung they have different parts of the lung is affected differently. This approach is saying we are going to give the lungs a long time to breathe in so that we can breathe in all parts of the lung instead of fast breathing and neglecting parts of the lung.”

It was not an approach that everyone agreed with, but they didn’t have a better option since the baby wasn't responding well to any other treatment. However, to everyone’s relief, Reagan became the second patient at the Kaiser Hospital in L.A. to ever be treated and saved with the revolutionary technique.

Today was a great day!!! We had an appointment with Little Miss Reagan's ophthalmologist. She will need to wear glasses...

Posted by Little Miss Reagan's Fight for Life - Love U Logan on Monday, April 29, 2019

After spending 18 months in the hospital, the Webb's returned home with their baby girl on April 8, 2019. As the family tries to adjust to their new life, they are utterly thankful to technology for saving their daughter’s life.

Michelle has beautifully and courageously captured their struggle and her child’s fight throughout the journey in Facebook posts. "I just want to give hope to families, it's such a hard journey, but it’s so worth it. Be advocates for your children because as parents, you are the best advocate and nobody knows your child like you do and you just have to fight for them,” said Michelle.

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Undeniably, a child is a precious gift to every parent. While technological advancement is a real blessing, Webb's family is a true inspiration!

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