This Baby Was Born In A Blizzard

A baby in Green Bay, Wisconsin was not waiting for a snowstorm to pass before he was born. The blizzard baby, as he is now being called, made his grand entrance in the craziest winter conditions. By the way, his birth occurred in April... not January.

Jason and Alyssa Champagne welcomed their third child, a boy, over the weekend. Although the little guy is just fine now, his parent’s journey to make it to the hospital safely is one seen in movies and not real life.

Alyssa told her husband it was time to head to the hospital a little after midnight on Saturday morning. Jason looked outside and could not believe that they were going to have to travel in a blizzard. The couple lives in Pound, about a 45-minute drive from HSHS St. Mary's Hospital Medical Center in Green Bay... and that is on a good day.


“There was no visibility. We're talking like five feet in front of you was all you could see," Jason told the local news.

“I was getting a little nervous. Probably more nervous that he's ever seen me, because I'm like slow down! Slow down! He's already going 25, and I kept telling him slow down!" shared Alyssa.

Finally, after almost an hour and a half, the couple managed to make it to the hospital where there was a little driveway shoveled out just for their arrival. In fact, doctors at St. Mary’s grew so worried about the couple, they called to check in on them as they drove over in the blizzard conditions.

Despite the crazy weather, Askren Howard Champagne was born at 8:52 p.m. on Saturday night, safe and sound at the hospital.

"It's kind of cool that our little son Askren is now another blizzard baby, repeating history almost 30 years later, at the same hospital, driving from the same Town of Pound," says Alyssa, who is referring to her brother Jameson’s birth in December 1990. Her parents had the exact same experience, driving the exact same distance in white out conditions. That is crazy!

The Champagne’s will definitely have an exciting story to tell little Askren when he grows up. They are very grateful for making it to the hospital safely and for not having to tell a story where Jason delivered the baby.

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