Baby Born In Car On The Way To The Hospital Like Father

Nathan Schwartz made a little bit of history this weekend. The baby was born in a car on the way to his hospital, just like his dad was 38 years earlier.

As a mom-to-be's pregnancy begins to reach its end, her thoughts will naturally start to drift toward her birthing plan. Where she wants to give birth, how she wants to go about it, and a thousand other tiny details. The trouble is, once that baby decides it's time to arrive, your plans will likely begin to unravel.

Every woman has her ideal scenario. Whether it be giving birth at home, trying to give birth without using any drugs, or being adamant that they are going to give birth naturally. Sometimes even the best-laid plans go awry for a number of reasons. That could be due to medical reasons, or if a gear change is for the good of the baby or the mom.

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There is also no telling how long it is going to take for your baby to arrive. Some women can be in labor for days while others give birth less than an hour after their contractions begin. It is about as far from an exact science as you can possibly get. Laurie Schwartz discovered that this Mother's Day weekend, reports CTV News.

via Emily Schwartz

Laurie was being driven to Edmonton Hospital by her husband Corey at 2:20 am as she had gone into labor. However, the pair never made it to the hospital. Well, they did, but by that point, their baby had already arrived. Just 64 minutes after going into labor, little Nathan had arrived. He was born in the car. Not out of the ordinary in the grand scheme of things, but turns out he had already started to take after his dad.

That's because Corey was also born in the car due to his own mom not being able to make it to the hospital in time. Not only that, but it was also on a rural Alberta road 38 years ago. We have heard of like father like son, but this is taking that to the next level. Mom and baby are both healthy and by the time you read this, they will probably already be back home.


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