Baby Born Healthy From Deceased Donor's Uterus

For the first time ever in the United States, a baby has been born from a womb that was donated post-mortem. Delivered via cesarean section last month at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, the uterine transplant proved to be successful when a beautiful baby girl took her first breath.

Her mom, whom USA Today reports is in her mid-30s, is the first to have given birth in the U.S. after receiving a uterus from a deceased donor. Being part of a trial, the mother was diagnosed with Uterine Factor Infertility (UFI)- the absence of a uterus- and decided to take part in a study to see if she had a chance at becoming a mother.

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Via health.clevelandclinic.org

The woman is one of three others who received a transplant, but as of now, she is the only one to have yet given birth. Dr. Uma Perni, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, made a statement about the successful birth, warning people not to get too excited yet.

"It's important to remember that this is still research, but it's exciting to see what the options may be for women in the future," she said.

Up until now, really the only option for women with UFI was to receive a uterus from a live donor; someone generous enough to part with theirs. Now that research is swaying more towards deceased donors, as with other types of transplants, women with UFI may have more options in the near future.

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Worldwide, this case is only the second of its king in history to occur, with the first successful uterine transplant of a deceased donor resulting in a birth in Brazil back in December of 2017.

USA Today reports that transplants such as these are not meant for lifelong fixes. Uterine transplants are only good for one or two births, but with 1 in 5000 women with UFI, even just a shot at motherhood is good for some.

What we mustn't forget is that, without the generosity of the donor, this woman may never have had a chance at becoming a mother and her beautiful baby girl never would have gotten a chance at life. As new advancements in science and research in this area and many other areas in medicine occur, it's important to remember that it was because of the selfless act of organ donation that made it possible.

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