Baby Boy Successfully Delivered In Hospital Elevator

A sweet little baby boy was born in a hospital elevator while his mom was trying to make it to the labor and delivery wing.

Neico Anderson knew that her baby was going to come at any moment, but she had no idea that her son wasn't going to wait until they made it to the right place. Anderson began having Braxton hicks contractions for a few weeks, but then one evening she found that the contractions became more intense and were about 5 minutes apart. At first, she didn't think she was going into labor, because it was about three weeks before her due date. Anderson went to the hospital. After being strapped to monitors for about an hour her contractions stopped and the nursing staff sent her home. Anderson left for home. While she was at home she knew that she was going to have the baby. She felt the need to push. She told her boyfriend, Michael Cina, to call 9-1-1. They sent an ambulance to pick her up. Paramedic Mariah Tankersley was the one who responded to the call and immediately went to Anderson's home.

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Tankersley said that Anderson was having active contractions and so she coached her through breathing and kept her calm through the intense pain. She said that Anderson had one more contraction and she could see the head of the baby. There wasn't much time. They ran through the emergency room and into the elevator. Tankersley told Anderson to keep pushing. Tankersley guided the little baby out. She said that she walked into the elevator with one patient and left with two.

They got to the labor and delivery floor and the nursing staff brought the baby and Anderson into a room. They cut the cord, she delivered her placenta and then the nurses and doctor were able to check mom and baby's vitals. Anderson said it was a crazy experience because while she was being pushed through the emergency room she had to have her legs up because the baby was coming out. She laughed about the fact that she "flashed" every single person sitting in the waiting room. It was the very first time that the nursing staff experienced a delivery in the elevator on the way to labor and delivery. It was quite the experience.

Anderson named her son Loki Jaspar Cina. He was 5 pounds 6 ounces, and 18 1/2 inches long. She named him after the mythological God who is known as a trickster. She thought that fit him quite perfectly due to his unusual entrance into this world. Thankfully both baby and mom were completely healthy and they are doing great! Congratulations to Neico and Michael on their sweet little baby.

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