Baby Born Four Weeks Early After Parents Are Involved In Car Crash

Two expectant parents, Ginny Magrath and Mike Roberts, had the scare of a lifetime when they crashed their vehicle on the way to a prenatal appointment last Wednesday. Going off the road in Knockin near Shropshire on their way to the Princess Royal Hospital in Telford, Magrath and Roberts, both 29, suffered injuries.

Magrath had called Princess Royal's triage when she noticed a decrease in fetal movements at 36 weeks pregnant. The nurse, understandably, told Magrath to come in for a check-up so they could monitor the baby and ensure her heart rate was on par.

Moments after the crash occurred, Magrath was very concerned about the well-being of both Roberts and their unborn baby. Rushed to Princess Royal via ambulance while Roberts was taken to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, the pair were separated in an attempt to get the quickest treatment.

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Upon arriving at Princess Royal, doctors monitored the baby and noticed her heart rate was not remaining steady. They then informed Magrath that the safest option for her child after enduring the trauma of the crash would be to perform an emergency c-section. Magrath was apprehensive at first, but doctors managed to convince her it was what was best.

With Roberts at another hospital, Magrath found herself being comforted by the anesthesiologist amidst the worry about both her baby and her partner's health. During the c-section, Roberts was being admitted to have an ankle operation at Royal Shrewsbury. Once the staff at Princess Royal heard the couple was separated, they transferred Roberts so the new family could be together.

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Baby Amber Harriet Roberts was born quickly after Magrath entered the operating room weighing 6lbs 10oz; a healthy weight despite being born four weeks premature.

Magrath made a point to thank the doctors, nurses, and staff at Princess Royal for their consideration in transferring Roberts to the same hospital as his new family. Now, with both parents in casts and recovering for surgeries, baby Amber is a lot to keep up with. Both Ginny Magrath and Mike Roberts are beyond thankful that the outcome was as positive as it was thanks to the doctors and nurses at Princess Royal.

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