Baby Born Four Years After Parents Passed Away

A baby in China was born four years after both of his parents died in a car accident!

Time magazine has reported that four years ago a couple in China passed away. However, last December via a surrogate their child was born. It is one of the craziest and fascinating stories ever told.

Tiantian was born via a Laotian surrogate. He will be raised by all four of his grandparents, who fought to ensure the baby was born. As it turns out, Tiantian’s parents fully intended to have children through in-vitro fertilization and froze several embryos to begin the process before they suddenly passed.

After his parent’s death, all four of Tiantian’s grandparents fought a serious legal battle to inherit the fertilized eggs. It was an unprecedented case. Therefore, while it was being figured out who had the legal rights to the embryos, they remained frozen in a Nanjing hospital’s liquid nitrogen tank.

Once the grandparents won custody, the next step was to find a surrogate to carry the baby. Surrogacy is actually illegal in China, so the grandparents had to look abroad. They eventually settled on an agency from Laos. Once they found the perfect surrogate, they faced another challenge. There was not an airline that would transport the embryos to Laos because they were encased in a thermos of liquid Nitrogen. In the end, the embryos had to be transported by car.

Via The Guardian

Even though they had to hire a surrogate from Laos, all of the grandparents were in agreement they wanted the child to be born in China to ensure citizenship in the country. They were fortunate to find a woman who was willing to travel to China while pregnant to deliver the baby there. The surrogate used a tourist visa to make sure she was able to stay in the country the required amount of time before and after giving birth.

Four years after his parents were killed in a car accident, Tiantian was born via a surrogate. All of his grandparents are not only thrilled to have their bloodlines carried on, but ecstatic after all the legal battles that the little guy was born without any complications.

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