Healthy Baby Born On The Highway In Virginia Beach

A woman in Virginia Beach gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on the side of the highway.


Jenny Maugeri started feeling contractions very suddenly and they were very strong. She knew that she was in labor and she knew that she needed to get to the hospital. Her husband, Mike, helped Jenny into their van and they began driving to Bon Secours DePaul Medical Center where they were planning on delivering the baby. However, the little baby had much different plans.

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On the way to the medical center Jenny felt like she was not going to make it to the hospital. She told her husband that they needed to pull over right away. Although they were on I-64, they had no choice. Mike quickly pulled off to the side of the highway and called a 9-1-1 dispatcher to help him through the process of delivering the baby. This was their fourth baby, but Mike had never delivered any of his children by himself.


With the assistance of the dispatcher, Mike was able to help Jenny deliver their son. It wasn't a very straight forward delivery, because their new son, Miles, was in a difficult position. Miles couldn't cry immediately, because the cord was wrapped around his neck. Mike unwrapped the cord and then he listened very carefully to the dispatchers instructions. She told him to take off his shoelace and to clamp the cord. Mike did so quickly and without hesitation. Miles cried and cleared his lungs which brought much relief to both mom and dad. The paramedics arrived shortly after and they took over. They told dad and mom that they did great. The ambulance took both mom and baby to their nearby medical center and they were thoroughly inspected by the doctors and nursing staff. Both Jenny and Miles were perfectly healthy. Miles weighed a healthy 7 lbs and 11 ounces.

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Jenny said that it was quite the experience being in such a vulnerable position while cars were speeding by. Mike said that Mile's arrival makes perfect sense, because he is their last baby and so this is obviously their "grand finale." This delivery was definitely the most exciting delivery and they are very happy that this didn't happen with each of their children. Thankfully both Jenny and Miles did great, but Jenny said she would much rather deliver in the care of doctors and nurses rather than on the side of a highway. Either way, we are so happy and excited for Mike and Jenny and their new baby boy Miles!

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