Baby Girl Born By Candlelight In Laundry Room During Texas Tornado

Sekani was born in a candle-lit laundry room during a tornado in Texas. As far as birth stories go, hers is quite unique. It’s definitely a story she’ll be telling people she meets for years to come.

Last Sunday, tornados ravaged through northern Texas. Throughout the night, the twisters did incredible damage to many homes, streets, and buildings. Power was cut, and many were forced to evacuate or take shelter in the safest parts of the building. This was an issue for the Bump Birthing Center in Rowlett, Texas. Just as a patient, Mech, was going into labour, the staff received multiple alerts to immediately take shelter.

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The well-trained staff took control of the situation and prepared the safest room in the building for a delivery: the laundry room. Kasie McElhaney, the lead midwife of the centre, mobilized the team to lay down blankets and prepare supplies for the baby’s arrival. Once everything was prepared, they brought in Mech, and she laid down on the blanket-covered floor right in front of the washing machines. With just candles illuminating the room, Mech went into labour.

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After a long night, Sekani was safely born into the world. Thanks to the hard work and quick thinking of all the staff, she and her mom are in good condition. Sekani means “light,” and her name is quite appropriate for the circumstances of her birth. By that dim candlelight, her family’s new source of light entered the world despite the chaos going on outside.

The birthing centre was not physically damaged by the tornado that hit the city. Thankfully, only the electricity was affected, and it came back on right after the new family was discharged. Other parts of the area, however, aren’t so lucky. Power was cut for more than 100,000 customers, and many were forced to evacuate their homes; some were so damaged that there’s basically nothing to return home to. Hopefully, these people will be able to find the light they need in these dark times. With the help of the community, residents of the disaster-torn area will be able to get back on their feet.

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