Baby Born During Rush Hour Traffic Takes The Term "Speedy Delivery" To A Whole Other Level

Some babies like to make a grand appearance into this world, so it seems.

While we parents do our very best to prepare for the big day, sometimes nature (and fetuses) have other plans in mind. Honolulu residents, Lori Kohara and Kyle Shimoda's, second child was one of those strong-willed kiddos who wasn't going to spend their birthday waiting around to meet their parents. This child just couldn't wait to get out into the universe.

For the very pregnant mom, the big day started like any other day, except for some minor pains and contractions the evening before. Mom Lori knew that these feelings likely meant labor was in her near future, but considering this was her second baby and the instructors in her birthing classes assured her babies take time, she didn't worry too much. She got to work that day, working from her home office, which ironically was her last planned workday before her due date. Lori finished up her final meeting around four and let her husband know that she was going to take a quick shower and then they should head on over to the hospital.

Shortly after the pair hopped in the car, with Kohara's father behind the wheel, when three minutes into the drive her water suddenly broke! Considering they had just turned onto the highway on a Friday evening at rush hour, the trio knew that this was not an ideal situation. It wasn't long until Kohara announced that this baby was coming NOW and her husband called 911, desperate for assistance.

Thirty minutes after her water broke, Kohara delivered her healthy, beautiful baby girl on the shoulder of the freeway. Ten minutes later the ambulance arrived to help the infant girl and her new parents. Escorted by police personnel the family made it to the hospital with an unexpected new family member in tow.

The couple named their second child Leif, not only because it means "dearly beloved" and contains the word "life" but because the car that they delivered their baby was, in fact, a Nissan Leaf.

Congrats to this Hawaiian family on the birth of their little girl, who will be telling the story of how she came into this world for years and years to come.

Ho'omaika'i 'ana


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