Baby Successfully Delivered In Van On The Way To Hospital

A little baby was recently born in a van on the side of the road on the way to the hospital.

Allison Lindsley, a mother in California, was fast asleep in her home when her labor came on like a storm. She said that she wasn't feeling anything and then all of a sudden it was so intense. It was around 3 in the morning and she knew there was no way that she could wait. She told her husband, Jordan Lindsley, that she needed to go to the hospital. They quickly made arrangements for their two older children and they jumped in their family van. They began speeding to the hospital, but she knew that she wasn't going to make it to the hospital.

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Allison said that she could feel the head coming out right away and told her husband to call 9-1-1, but they were not going to make it the 20 minutes to the hospital. Jordan jumped out of the driver seat and ran back to help his wife. Just as she was about to deliver a police officer drove by and said that he had done this before and would take over.

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They felt very blessed that the police officer was able to stop and to help them deliver the baby. Mom said that the labor went really quickly and wasn't too bad. It was painful but quick. They ended up delivering the most beautiful little baby boy and named their new son Oliver. Allison was taken to the hospital in an ambulance to make sure that mom and baby were going to be healthy.

Allison said that so far Oliver (who they have nicknamed Olli) seems to be a lot more relaxed than her other two children. She said that she was so incredibly blessed to have had a very healthy baby considering the circumstances. Jordan said that on the outside he was very calm, but he was freaking out on the inside. Although he might have been completely stressed he handled everything perfectly and was able to give his wife the support that she needed. We are so happy for Allison and Jordan and their new little baby Oliver.

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