Baby Born With Extra Head Has Successful Surgery! Amazing!

A baby girl was born on May 13th with an an extra head attached to her stomach. The head came from her parasitic twin, she was rushed to a hospital for an emergency surgery. 

Thankfully, a skilled team of doctors were able to perform this complicated surgery in just 90 minutes and they were successful. "It was a case of hetropahus twin, but we have successfully detached the head that was attached to the anterior abdominal wall. Blood from the baby's chest and abdomen was feeding the head. We managed to reconstruct the abdominal wall," Dr. Chetan Sharma

The baby girl, which has yet to be named, was born naturally and weighted 4lbs and 8 ounces. She will be in intensive care for about a month and will then be able to go home. Her father is extremely thankful for the doctors who helped his daughter ""I am very happy and thankful to the doctors and God for my daughter's successful surgery," he said. "I could not hold my baby before, but now I will be able to cuddle her.

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