Baby Born With Teeth Leaves Mom Shocked And Confused

Occurring in roughly 1 out of every 2,000 births, natal teeth (teeth present at birth) can be pretty shocking to new parents. Natal teeth are relatively rare but most hospitals have seen the occurrence at least once before. Often times leaving the parents questioning the reasoning behind their presence, natal teeth do at times signal something is wrong but that isn't always the case. One mom was shocked to learn that her baby was born with not one, but two, fully formed teeth. In awe over her baby's toothy grins, the mother was unsure why her newborn had teeth and whether or not it was a sign that something was wrong.

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Mom, Nerissa Woodward, had just delivered her baby girl, Emilia Harper Jaymes Bridge, last December. When she went to feed her for the first time, to her surprise, she discovered that Emilia had two fully formed and cut through teeth. Unaware that it was even a possibility, with most babies cutting their first teeth between 4 and 7 months, Nerissa was very surprised telling SWNS that the doctors said that they "hadn't seen it before" either. After realizing the doctors were just as shocked as she was, Emilia's mother began to worry that something was wrong with her newborn.

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According to FoxNews, "Natal teeth are usually the infant's primary teeth that have come in early, but they are often loose and can pose several problems for the child." In addition to issues with breastfeeding and establishing a proper latch, natal teeth are also choking hazards as they are often loose. With the risk of the teeth coming out, as in Emilia's case, the baby girl's parents, as well as her doctors, decided that it was probably safest to remove them.

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"She had the teeth removed the hour after she was born," Nerissa told SWNS. "They used sugar water on their finger to loosen one and it came out and the other one fell out when she was being winded. She didn't have to be put to sleep. But every time I show people the picture or say she was born with teeth, they are so stricken by it and are very confused as babies usually get teeth around 6 months old."

Healthline reports that the presence of natal teeth is typically due to conditions such as cleft palate or lip, or irregularities in dentin (which helps form teeth), but can also be symptoms of syndromes such as Sotos, Hallerman-Streiff, Pierre Robin, or Ellis-van Creveld. Natal teeth can also simply be a fluke of nature. In Emilia's case, FoxNews reports that she was born healthy at 6lbs 12oz and the teeth have not been an indication of any other issues.

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