Baby Born Without Skin Miraculously Beats The Odds

Miracles happen where science fails to define its rules – and this time, it was with a baby boy who was born ten weeks premature and without skin.

On November 24, 2018, Jessica Kibbler, gave birth to her premature son, Kaiden Jake Shattock. He was ten weeks due when she got her labor pain and was hurried to the Nottingham City Hospital where she gave birth to a tiny 2lb 7oz infant. To everyone's surprise, the baby was born with 98% of his epidermis missing, which means he was practically born without any skin.

Jessica had hydronephrosis during her pregnancy, and she also faced bleeding almost three months before Kaiden’s due date, before going into the early labor. However, they were never aware of their son's skin condition.

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Jessica recalled, "My first reaction was a total shock, to be honest. He was this beautiful, tiny thing and Jake and I looked at each other silently, not knowing how we were going to take care of him.”

Immediately after birth, the child was taken away from the parents and put under care. Nine hours later, when they got to see the baby, the parents Jessica Kibbler and Jack Shattock were utterly speechless. They said to Dailystar, “When the nurses took us into the room to introduce us to Kaiden for the first time, he was red raw, like a piece of uncooked meat.”

This young couple with no experience of parenting was gifted with a child with one of the rarest conditions. They were clueless, and while they cried their eyes out, the nurses too were all teary.

Jessica said, “Jake and I cried, but even the nurses left the room and cried their eyes out because they didn't know what to say to us, and didn't know how else to help him.”


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The little life was so delicate that the new parents couldn’t hold him for ten days. The only skin that he had was on the face, and it took six weeks for him to start growing skin.

During this phase, the doctors hardly had any hope of his survival, and they had also informed the parents on the same. However, Kaiden is now six months old, and he is living at home with his parents.

Kaiden had gone through his first skin graft earlier this month, to transfer skin from his stomach to his right arm. He needs to have four more operations over the next 12 months.

The child had been diagnosed with other critical illnesses like sepsis, necrotizing enterocolitis, congenital herpes, dermolysis, hearing impairment, and bronchiolitis. So he has already been admitted to Warwick Hospital for emergency treatment six times.

But despite all odds, the tot now weighs 9lb 7oz, and as according to his mother, “he’s got the loveliest smile and the prettiest laugh if you get him going. Kaiden means the world to us, and we don't think we could be happier."

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