• Jessica Kibbler and her partner Jack Shattock expected their first baby at the age of 20. 1 / 6

  • During pregnancy, Jessica was diagnosed with a kidney disorder and had suffered bleeding thrice, but they had no clue about their infants critical ailment. 2 / 6

  • Jessica gave birth to her son Kaiden Jake Shattock through excruciating pain, at Nottingham City Hospital. He was born without any skin and was later detected with other severe ailments. 3 / 6

  • Doctors had nearly lost hope and the parents couldn't touch their baby till he was 10 days old. 4 / 6

  • The fighter is now 6-months-old and he has already gone through the first major operation early this month - skin graft. He will have four more operation in this year. 5 / 6

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