UPDATE: Baby Born Without Skin Finally Released After 11-Month Hospital Stay

11-month-old Ja'bari Gray has finally been allowed to go home after spending almost a year in the hospital.

Although the nine months a mom-to-be spends pregnant will fly by, it also gives a future parent a lot of time to think. Too much time, truth be told. New parents will worry about anything and everything that there possibly could be to worry about. Those worries will carry on after the child is born too, if not intensify once the little one has arrived.

Thankfully, most parents will have healthy babies and all of that worrying will have been for nothing. However, for some parents, those worries are warranted. Babies can have and develop all sorts of issues. Some of those issues might not become apparent until late on in pregnancy, or perhaps not fully until the baby arrives.

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That's what happened to Priscilla Maldonado and her son Ja'bari Gray reports People. At the 37-week mark of Maldonado's pregnancy, doctors realized that something wasn't right with her little one as his heart rate dropped and he had stopped growing. After delivering Ja'bari via emergency c-section, those same doctors discovered that the newborn had very little skin. So little that they thought he wouldn't survive for very long at all.

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11 months and countless skin grafts later not only is Ja'bari still here, but he has finally been allowed to go home. It wasn't until last month that his mom was able to kiss and have skin-to-skin contact with him for the very first time, more than 10 months after he was born. Maldonado told People that he was crying when led down, and as soon as Ja'bari had skin-to-skin with her, he immediately settled down.

Although this is all great news for Ja'bari, his mom, and the rest of his family, he still has a long way to go. Doctors have attempted to open up his eyelids a few times only for them to heal back up, and he'll also need surgeries to separate his arms, right hand, right foot, and neck. We're confident Ja'bari will continue to show the fight he has done up until now though, and we look forward to following his journey.

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