This Incredible Baby Box Program Is Helping New Mothers In Need

In partnership with the Gabriel Project, Kathryn Salo founded Blessings 4 Babies: a starter kit of items a new mom and her baby may need. There are a lot of items that a mother needs after she gives birth, and sometimes it’s difficult to get all the needed things if one is struggling. With the donation box’s help, more moms can get started with their new life journey.

Parenting is hard enough in of itself, but a mom will continue to push herself to make the best out of the situation and raise her child the best way she can. Salo started the idea because she believes every child is a blessing, so moms should also receive blessings from us. Especially for moms with lower incomes, a little bit of help can make all the difference in their lives.

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The baby box program is a volunteer project that runs out of the Elora Road Christian Fellowship Church in Guelph. Each box contains sleepers, several outfits (snowsuits, hats, sweaters, socks, etc.) in different sizes, disposable diapers, toiletries, and feeding items. Depending on the donations and availability, each box may contain different items. Anyone who wants a free box can email them, and they don’t have to justify why they need it; the baby exists, and everyone needs a little help.

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Other than helping moms out, Salo also wants to help promote handcrafted items. Sometimes, along with some women from her church, she will crochet blankets and other items to add to the boxes. It gives a little touch of feeling special, as the items won’t be uniform throughout all the boxes. The box is also a great way to connect hand-me-downs from donors. Old but loved items won’t be thrown away and will be given a new, good home. Especially baby clothes that are only used for a second, donating these items is better than letting them accumulate dust in the basement.

Salo was shocked that these things are not readily accessible for new moms. She could not imagine having to raise a baby when it’s difficult to clothe them or even buy them diapers. With this box, she is truly blessing moms in need with the support they deserve.

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