Baby Born At Six Flags Will Have Free Park Entry For Life

A regular day at Six Flags turned into quite the surprising adventure for a mother this week when she unexpectedly went into labor while visiting the Georgia park with her daughter. The baby boy, reportedly named Mathew, apparently decided he wasn’t going to wait in line for anything and made his grand entrance into the world on July 23rd with the help of park EMTs.

His mother, identified only as Crusita, was in Hurricane Harbor (the water park area) when she began experiencing what she believed to be labor pains. She made her way over to first aid, who immediately called for help, and it wasn’t long before Mathew made his appearance.

A couple of days later, the park’s Twitter account officially announced the birth with a photo of Crusita holding Mathew and the caption, “IT'S A SIX FLAGS BABY BOY! We are thrilled to announce little Mathew was born at Hurricane Harbor on Monday afternoon! Congrats.”


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Surprisingly, Mathew isn’t the first baby to be born at a Six Flags franchise. He’s actually a distant second, however, he is the first to be born in the park in over 50 years. While a theme park may seem like an unlikely place to deliver a baby, there are actually a handful of stories where women have gone into labor and delivered their babies amongst the coasters, water slides, and play structures.

Back in 2009, Takia Mann gave birth to a baby girl in the bathroom at Busch Garden’s Sesame Place in Langhorne, Pennsylvania. According to the park, Mann was the second mother to give birth there.

“It happened so fast,” said Mann. "I didn’t have pain, just shock.”

While not unheard of, a theme park delivery certainly is a rare occasion. To celebrate, Six Flags Over Georgia presented Crusita and Mathew each with Diamond Elite Memberships, which, along with free entry to any Six Flags park for life, also guarantees members perks such as preferred parking, the ability to skip lines, and major discounts on almost everything.

“All of us at Six Flags Over Georgia wish Crusita, Mathew and their entire family a lifetime of happiness, health, and many thrilling roller coaster rides together,” a representative for the park told Fox 5 Atlanta.

Little Mathew wasn’t the only baby in a hurry to grab headlines recently. Just last week, a Texas woman delivered a baby girl with the help of her husband in the bathroom of a Chick-Fil-A restaurant. To celebrate, the franchise granted her free food for life as well as guaranteed her a job as soon as she turns 14.

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