Baby Boy Born With A Heart-Shaped Birthmark On His Forehead

Many of us are born with birthmarks somewhere on our bodies. They make us unique from other individuals. However, they're usually just little splodges that don't look much like anything.

But one lucky little boy from Turkey was born with a unique and unusual birthmark on his forehead that's in the shape of a heart. His parents, Murat and Ceyda, say that they often get stopped in the street when people catch sight of their son. Not only do they have nice things to say, but some want to take a picture of him.

Murat explained that he was the first person to recognize the birthmark on his son's head, according to The Epoch Times. When he was born, the nurses began cleaning him up when he noticed the sweet mark on his forehead. Now four years old, the tot continues to have the visible heart on his face as clear as day. His parents were overjoyed with the heart-shaped birthmark, as they believe that it was a "gift from God."

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The doting parents even created an Instagram account for their son, Cinar, who their friends dub "love baby". He certainly looks like a happy, content little soul. Cinar's Instagram contains photos of him exploring the world with his parents. There's no doubt that there will be plenty more to come.

Kids born with birthmarks on their faces can often experience difficulty growing up because can affect their self-confidence. Doctors can prescribe topical creams to help even out the skin tone over time, but some people choose to embrace their natural beauty instead. Experts don't fully understand why some people are born with birthmarks and others aren't, but it could be due to an over-accumulation of cells that culminate in so-called "strawberry marks".

It looks like Cinar's mark is helping him grow into a happy, well-adjusted little boy. His "gift from God" has helped him to become well-known in his community, and at the hospital he was born in. Doctors and nurses are said to all recognize him as soon as he steps foot through the door. You can keep up to date with Cinar's progress by following his Instagram page. It's a whole load of cuteness that you just don't want to miss! Plus, it could help you look at yours or your child's birthmarks in a whole new light.

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