10 Baby Boy Names That Start With The Letter J

When you have already gone through hundreds of names for your baby boy, but none of them seem right it can start to feel like you are never going to find a perfect name for your little one.

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But if you have already narrowed it down to wanting your son’s name to start with a “J” then you are already taking major steps for selecting the right name for him. Now you just have to do some research and find the “J” name that speaks to you and your partner. So keep reading to discover the top ten boy names that start with the letter “J”!

10 Jay

The big trend that we are seeing for baby names in 2020 is shorter names. So if you and your partner want to stay on trend with a boy name that starts with “J” then you need to consider the name Jay for your son.

Jay is a wonderful name for a little boy since it will suit him at any stage of his life, either when he is playing with his friends as a kid, starting a career or enjoying his life in retirement - this name fits it all.

9 Jeb

Sometimes when you are picking out names for your son you want a name that is not used a lot. You want your son to be able to enjoy his name without having other kids in the class have his name.

A perfect and unique name that starts with the letter “J” is the name Jeb. According to Names.org, the name Jeb has never been used over 100-times in a single year since the 1880s, in the United States. This almost ensures that your son is going to be the one and only Jeb in his life.

8 Jeremey

Jeremey has been a popular name in the past that parents have loved giving their sons. With Jeremey being a timeless name you can understand why. But Names.org has reported that the name Jeremy has been on a downhill slope with fewer parents selecting this name for their child in the last couple of years.

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But don’t let that discourage you from using this name for your son! Instead, you know that once other parents hear the name Jeremy they are going to wish that they thought of it for their son.

7 Jett

Jett is a darling “J” name that is perfect for the short name trend appearing in 2020. Though this name is short, it is also a great choice for a son due to it becoming a popular name that parents love.

Over the years, more and more parents have been selecting the name Jett for their sons, as mentioned in Names.org. So make sure you tell your friends that you are using the name Jett for your son so they cannot use or claim this name before you!

6 Jorden

There are times when even though you know the sex of your baby you still want to give them a gender-neutral name. And we can’t blame you since gender-neutral names have a soft, yet masculine tone to them, making them perfect for any baby.

A perfect gender-neutral name that starts with the letter “J” is the name, Jorden. Jorden is a wonderful gender-neutral name since it is very popular for both genders. So why not select a gender-neutral name for your son and give him the name Jorden?

5 Jasper

If you are looking for a name that has recently become popular among parents then you need to give your son the name Jasper. Names.org has reported that since 2006, in the United States, the name Jasper has slowly been on the rise.

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And even though this name is not one of the most popular boy names in the last few years, we believe that each year more parents are going to keep selecting the name Jasper until it hits the top boy names charts. Bet on the trend and give your son the name Jasper.

4 Josh


Josh is a perfect name if you are looking for a “J” name for your son. The name Josh is a classic yet fresh name that parents have loved for generations and can be loved by you and your son if you select this name for him.

Of course, if you do not want to give your son a short name like Josh you can always use the longer version of the name and name your son Joshua. But we know whatever version of the name you decide to give your son he is going to love it!

3 Jackson

A charming name that you need to think about giving your son is the name, Jackson. Jackson is a great name for a boy if you want a “J” name since it is a common name that people have heard before.

Jackson is also a perfect name if you are looking for a “J” name that can also be turned into a nickname. This gives you and your partner a chance to call him Jack instead of Jackson if you want a name that is both professional and has a classic nickname to it.

2 Jacob

Jacob is a fantastic name that would be perfect for your son. The name Jacob is also a perfect name if you are looking for a religious name for your son since Names.org has reported that Jacob means God protects.

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This meaning can give your son peace knowing that someone is constantly looking after him and his wellbeing. Giving him this name can also give him more courage to try new things and travel to new places since God is protecting him. Make sure to add the name Jacob to your list for possible baby names.

1 James

A wonderful name that any little boy would love to have is the name, James. James is a classic name that has been given to boys for years. The name James is perfect for anyone looking for a timeless name that is not going to be out of trend a few years after their son is born. Making sure that you pick a timeless name is important since you do not want your son growing up hating his name. Make sure you talk to your partner about the name James for your little one!

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