Baby Left With Severe Burns After Being Electrocuted By Phone Charger

Chargers are such a common thing in households nowadays that most parents don’t think of the dangers they may pose. Unfortunately, this story is a reminder of how dangerous any sort of electronic or cord can be to a young child.

An Australian mother spoke out after her baby was left with a severe burn after being electrocuted by a phone charger, The Sun reports. She originally shared her family’s scary experience via Facebook in a post that has gone viral. The mother explained her young daughter was “thrown across the room” after the charger and wall socket began to spark and emit smoke.

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“My daughter was admitted into the hospital Monday after receiving a pretty bad electrical shock from trying to plug my phone charger in,” the mom, whose name was not published by The Sun, said. "Unfortunately, this happened right in front of me. I didn't realize she knew how to attempt to plug in a charger until it was too late."

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The mom was terrified after the little girl went quiet upon landing on the floor. However, the child then began screaming out in pain. The mother immediately took her to the hospital. “They found an entrance wound but not an exit which worried them that it zapped her heart,” she said, adding doctors kept her overnight as a precaution.

Although the little girl’s burn was severe, the injuries were not life-threatening and she has been recovering well. The mother is now using her story to warn other parents of the dangers of everyday items- she admits she never realized an unsupervised phone charger could be so dangerous. "Even though my house is baby-proofed with outlet covers, door stoppers, baby gates, stove knob covers, etc, my baby still got hurt from something I stupidly never even considered would be an issue,” she wrote online.

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Many of the comments were filled with appreciative parents who admit they, too, didn’t realize how dangerous chargers and other cords can be. "My son just started trying to do this! So glad your bub is okay and thank you so much for the post,” one mother wrote. Another added, "Gosh. I didn’t think about this. Thanks for sharing. I need to be extra careful now."

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