Scientists Create A Healthy Sausage Using This Surprising Baby Byproduct

Sausages are a food staple in many homes. They make a great breakfast food, are amazing barbequed and even thrown in a casserole. You can get an impressive variety to suit every taste, but did you know that there's even a kind made from baby feces? Warning: cancel those date-night dinner reservations. This article will seriously put you off your food. There is one saving grace though, these bangers were the product of a research study in 2014 and haven't made their way to the wider population yet - despite scientists maintaining that they're super healthy and delicious.

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Researchers revealed their findings in the Meat Science journal, explaining that they had found a way to ferment sausages in a similar way to probiotic yogurt. The key ingredient is a type of bacteria found specifically in baby feces. The type of sausage created using this process is similar to salami or pepperoni, which also use bacterial fermentation to get that distinctive taste. The bacteria also creates lactic acids that put a halt to germ growth in the meat. Of course, in these instances, the meat has its own bacteria already occurring naturally. By taking samples from human poop and adding it to the meat, the Spanish scientists created their delightful offering.

The final product was a result of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium sourced from 43 stool samples from healthy babies aging from 0 to six months old. The fuet sausage, similar to the popular chorizo variety, had roughly 100 million cells of bacteria per gram of meat. Not only did they say that it was good enough to eat, but that it could also help make people healthier. Professional tasters also agreed that while it was made out of the unorthodox bacteria, the fuet tasted entirely normal and not like the contents of a diaper. All of the sausages contained less salt and less fat too, but once the product was wrapped there wasn't any plan to start stocking them in the local supermarket.

Would you try a piece, or is this too much to stomach? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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