Baby In Car Seat Shot During An Argument Between Two Men In Mississippi

A one-year-old baby was shot during an argument between two men that led one to grab a gun. The infant was not part of the heated debate in any way, yet he paid for the consequences. Thankfully, he was hospitalized right away and is in stable condition.

Getting angry can be dangerous if left unchecked. Especially in areas where one has access to weapons, an argument can quickly escalate to the point of violence. While no one should be resorting to physical force to get their point across, a fight should stay between the parties involved. In a fit of rage, it can be easy to take it out everyone around as well, and this will never lead to good outcomes.

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Via: Pixabay, Hans

Last Saturday, outside a home in Leake County, Mississippi, two men were in a heated argument. It got so intense that one of them, 25-year-old Daniel Momon, went inside the house to grab a gun. He came back outside to try and shoot the other man, and he thought he was hiding in a parked car. Instead, Momon shot one-year-old Jamaryn Johnson-Walker who was just sitting in his car seat.

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The bullet went into his left hip and came out through his left leg. Upon seeing this, the other man also pulled out a gun and shot at Momon—hitting him in the buttocks. Somehow, the baby was brought to the hospital immediately, and the doctors were able to stable his condition. While their exact relationship is unknown, it’s for certain that the second man is related to the infant.

Momon was taken to the hospital, and when he was released, he was charged with aggravated assault. Currently, he is being held at the Leake County Jail. Whatever argument he was having with the other man involved couldn’t have been worth injuring a child. He could have killed a baby in his fit of rage, and there is little to no justification for his behaviour. Especially if you own a gun, it’s essential to try to keep calm during an argument. Once you snap, you don’t know what you’ll do.

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