New Baby-Carrying Overalls For Dads Get Mixed Reviews Online

If you’re already thinking ahead to the next Father’s Day, then consider these baby-wearing overalls for the father in your life.

Australian-based designer Janneke Williamson is the mind behind this functional item. As a mother-of-two, she wanted to create a cute yet practical way to help dads take care of their little ones without having to opt for a traditional baby carrier.

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"There aren't as many dedicated babywearing options for men as there are for women so I'm really excited about launching the new Dadsie,” she explained of her ingenious invention. “Now Dad's can keep their precious bubs close to their chest - and look cool at the same time.”

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These ‘dad overalls’ aren’t the only parenting product Janneke has become known for. Last year, she debuted ‘The Mumsie,’ a set of overalls that allow you to wear your baby specifically for moms. The overalls come in a variety of designs, including a light denim wash and a brown corduroy material. The overalls are priced between $169.00 to $182.000, and thousands have been sold worldwide since becoming available online.

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After getting a slew of requests asking for a male version, Janneke felt inclined to come out with ‘The Dadsie.’ The dad-friendly overalls are currently not on the market, however, as Janneke is still in the production process. She’s already started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project. Unsurprisingly, it’s already caught the attention of many. So far, the campaign has reached $2,958 of its $9,946 goal.

“Whether you're out for a family day out, at the park, shops, farmers market, travelling or just out for a good old catch up with your dads group.. the DADSIE is there to make life a little easier and keep the most important things close to your chest... your kid that is,” the campaign’s description reads. It adds, “They look just like a cool pair of overalls, but they have been especially designed to be able to wear your baby or toddler in them.”

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Janneke also emphasizes the quality and safety of the product. “All dadsies are made from the best quality denim with a whisker of a stretch for added comfort. Our clips are weight tested up to 70kg!” the online description reads. “Our overalls have been independently SAFETY TESTED by Intertek to meet stringent international safety standards for baby and toddler wearing.”

So far, the Dadsies have been met with mixed reviews. While some parents think it’s ingenious and say they’ll definitely be purchasing them for the dad in their life, others think the overalls look a bit silly. But if moms can wear them, then who’s to say dads can’t?

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