Baby With Rare Heart Defect Celebrates First Birthday After Transplant

Baby Rebecca, who was diagnosed with a rare heart condition, celebrated her first birthday with a new heart at home with loved ones.

Christy Brown, Rebecca's mother, was more than happy to welcome her sweet little angel into her life last year but was unaware of the tough challenges they were about to face. After a few months, the mother noticed Rebecca was not gaining adequate weight and sensed some issues. She was taken to multiple doctors for a detailed analysis and was diagnosed with a rare coronary disease named ALCAPA syndrome.

This rare congenital effect marked improper attachment of the left coronary artery to the heart. “It looks like a 7-month-old that has had a massive heart attack. There was so much damage to the left side of her heart," Brown told Inside Edition. This was such shattering news for the whole family, especially the mother. She confessed, “It turned me upside down. It turned us all upside down”.

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Rebecca desperately needed a donor after having open heart surgery and an artificial heart transplant during the process. The waiting time proved to be very difficult for her and the family as she suffered brain bleeding and was admitted to the ICU for about six months. After she stabilized, the family received the good news they had been waiting for. "The surgeon came in and nudged me awake and said, 'I think we have a heart for her.' And I sat up and looked around, like, I'm dreaming this. It can't be real,” Christy said.

Rebecca finally got a transplant and was declared fit to go home just in time for her first birthday. She has beat the disease and celebrated her first birthday with close family and friends recently. The birthday theme and decorations were quite impressive with adorned caption-charts all over. One of the captions read, "I got a new heart for my birthday!” And another read, "July 26, 2019. I GOT THE CALL, I’M GETTING MY NEW HEART” with heart-shaped designs. Aside from these, Rebecca also wore something incredible and sweet, a personalized black T-shirt with the words “Rebecca, Heart Warrior” printed on it.

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The doctors say that there are still further treatments and precautions to be taken care of. But, she is out of danger and will be able to lead a normal life soon. In the meantime, its worth mentioning that Christy is immensely optimistic and happy. “She's doing great. She sleeps through the night, which is very nice," Brown said, laughing.

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