Baby's Incredible Hairdo Has Caught The Attention Of Over 100,000 Fans

There’s a baby in Japan that is not even a year old and still has more hair than most supermodels.

Meet Chanco, born December of 2017, who is already one of the youngest Instagram stars that we have ever seen. We say Instagram star as she already has over 100,000 followers since her feed started a few months ago.

Chanco’s claim to fame is her luscious locks, which can put most 30-year-old's 'dos to shame. This kid has more hair at 8 months old than most people do in by the time they hit puberty, and for some people, even after.

Ever since being born with more hair than Def Leppard, Chanco’s mom has been dutifully chronicling the growth of her baby’s follicles in what she calls her “hair diary”. She then posts some of those photos to her Instagram where each one typically generates over 10,000 likes.


Most of the comments are the usual assortment of gasps at how thick and wavy her hair is at such a tender age, but a few of them accuse Chanco of putting on a wig. If that’s a wig, then Chanco is the most patient baby we’ve ever seen.

You can see from this photo taken shortly after her birth than Chanco’s locks are all natural, baby. Even then she looked like a tiny Angelina Jolie when she went through that Sinead O'Connor phase. You know the one.

We would’ve loved to have seen the expression on the doctor’s face that delivered Chanco.

In her most recent video, Chanco revealed that she actually needs to get her hair done professionally way before most babies even need to consider their first haircut. Chanco seems to find the whole thing amusing while the hairdresser gives her just the slightest of trims.

Although very rare, Chanco isn’t the first baby to be born with a fuller head of hair than most mammals. Baby Bella from Essex England performed a similar feat at 8 months, with many also accusing her mother of forcing her to wear a wig.


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